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Apple has been fined heavily in Brazil for not including a charging head. Will Apple withdraw from the Brazilian market?

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Apple is a giant company in today’s mobile phone industry, and many people are “apple powder”. Every time they change their mobile phones, they will buy Apple branded mobile phones, and some young people will update their mobile phones every time they launch new models. Therefore, Buying new Apple phones has also become a way for young people to pursue fashion. Apple mobile phone uses ISO system, which is different from Android system. Apple’s operating system is very special and can feel the humanization of the design in the process of using it. Therefore, it is not unreasonable for apple to have so many “apple powder”

after the release of Apple’s 12th generation mobile phone, people also found one of the biggest changes of Apple’s mobile phone, that is, it is no longer equipped with a charger


after the release of iPhone 12, apple decided that all mobile phones and apple watch sold on the official website will no longer be equipped with standard chargers. At present, only iPad is an exception

according to Brazilian technology news media tilt, Apple was fined nearly $2 million in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for violating the consumer law act because there was no charger in the packaging box of the new iPhone. Procon SP, a consumer protection agency in Sao Paulo, decided to impose a fine on apple because Apple’s decision to remove the power adapter from the iPhone’s packaging was subject to strict scrutiny


Apple has not given much explanation and explanation on this matter, and there is no sign that Apple will withdraw from the Brazilian market. Before that, when Apple announced that the 12th generation mobile phones would no longer be equipped with chargers, it was questioned by many people, and Apple had only one explanation for this, that is, for the sake of environmental protection, it was no longer equipped with chargers, and consumers in need needed needed to buy them separately. Such a statement is also difficult to be convincing. Many people are also questioning that apple is just trying to save costs

mobile phone charger is not only a necessary accessory during the use of a mobile phone, but also a very important accessory. For whatever purpose, Apple should put the rights and interests of consumers in the first place, take into account the feelings of consumers as much as possible, and provide consumers with the most humanized services. Now, the practice of canceling the charger is obviously contrary to this idea. If you really want to protect the environment, you can also give consumers two choices, equipped with a charger or without a charger. This way is more humanized and can also contribute to environmental protection

Apple will not withdraw from the Brazilian market. Apple’s world market share is not as big as before. Is there any other way out of the Brazilian market?

it shouldn’t be. After all, Brazil is also a huge market. They won’t choose to push off this big fat meat because of this matter.

as a large company, Apple will not withdraw from the Brazilian market because of the charger. It is just a fine now, which is only a drop in the bucket for apple.

No, because if you leave the Brazilian market, it will cause great economic losses to apple, so Apple will definitely not quit.

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