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Central control system of automatic production line based on VC and PLC

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automatic line is a machine system that can realize the automation of product production process. By adopting a set of machinery and equipment that can automatically process, detect, load and unload and transport, it forms a highly continuous and fully automatic production line to realize product production and improve work efficiency. Reducing production costs, improving processing quality and rapidly changing products are the basis for the competition and development of machinery manufacturing industry, and also the symbol of the technical level of machinery manufacturing industry. Its development trend is to improve adjustability, expand process scope, improve processing accuracy and automation degree, and combine with computer to realize overall automatic workshop and automatic chemical plant
the automatic production line is gradually developed on the basis of the assembly line. It not only requires various machining devices on the line to automatically complete the predetermined processes, meet the corresponding process requirements and produce qualified products. In order to achieve this goal, automatic conveying and other auxiliary devices can be used, According to the process sequence, different machining devices are formed as a whole. The actions between various components are combined through the air pressure system and the electric braking system, so that it can realize the specified program and work automatically. This kind of automatic mechanical device system is called the automatic production line
Science and technology are changing with each passing day, and automatic production technology is also widely used in industrial production. Many types of automatic production lines have been studied and produced in the fields of electronics and mechanical manufacturing. It is precisely because of the rapid development and wide use of these automatic production lines that our production efficiency and product quality have been improved It has improved working conditions, reduced energy consumption, saved materials and so on, and achieved remarkable results in all aspects
the automatic production line can form a complete system because it integrates sensing technology, driving technology, mechanical technology, interface technology, computer technology and other technologies. The automatic production line has various production needs in various countries. It can be effectively integrated and organized to optimize the overall equipment. Although the automatic production line originates from the traditional flow production line, However, its effect is far better than the traditional flow production line, and there are many significant differences. Its main feature is that the automatic production line has very high automatic control and the precise production rhythm that the traditional flow production line does not have. It is a unified automatic control system, and its work should be completed according to the specified process sequence
in different application fields, different types of automatic lines have different structures, sizes and functions. They basically include five parts: detection, mechanical body, information processing, input and output interface and actuator
however, no matter what kind of automatic production line, it must be able to control, operate, drive and detect in function, and the control function is completed by electronic devices. In the production of automatic production line, all sensors are used to detect signals. The control device calculates, transforms and stores its detection signals, and then gives instructions to the actuator through its interface circuit to realize the corresponding work. The sensor detects the position, temperature, pressure, flow and other signals of the production line to make the information processing parts analyze and process. The driving function is realized by the executive parts such as hydraulic cylinder motor, solenoid valve, air pressure valve and manipulator. The mechanical part is the main part of the automatic production line.

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