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Cost calculation method of food plastic packaging bag

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calculation formula:
cost price of plastic bag = raw material cost + labor cost + machine loss + operating cost
specific calculation method:
suppose we need 5000 PP plastic bags with 50 * 60cm and 8 wires on both sides. 8 wires on both sides is the thickness, that is, 4 wires on one side. Note: 100 silk = 1mm, 2 blow molding machines and 1 printing machine, 60000 yuan in total, with a 6-year scrap period; The operating cost is 4500 yuan /month, with 5 workers and a construction period of 2 days
length * width * height * density * unit price = cost
note: length, width and height are in meters
0.5 * 0.6 * 8 /100000 * 910 * 12 = 0.26208 yuan (raw material price)
plastic bag price = raw material cost 0.26208 + labor cost 0.08 + machine loss 0.011 + operating cost 0.03
the final result is 0.38308 yuan
the profit of the external processing plant is the price of ordering packaging.

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