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Development history of candy packaging

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The development history of candy packaging should have specific pictures.

analysis on the current situation of candy packaging in the world

the packaging of candy and chocolate mainly has three functions: first, protect the luster, aroma and shape of products and prolong the shelf life; Second, prevent microbial and dust pollution and improve the hygiene and safety of products; Third, exquisite product packaging can improve consumers’ purchase desire and commodity value

at present, the packaging forms of candy and chocolate in China mainly include twisted packaging, pillow packaging and folding packaging. Kink packaging is the oldest packaging form. This packaging form is mostly used for candy. It can be completed not only by high-speed and automatic packaging machine, but also by manual operation; Pillow packaging was popular internationally in the 1970s and began to be popular in China in the 1980s. Due to the popularity of pillow packaging machine, at present, most candy and chocolate manufacturers use pillow packaging. Folding packaging is mostly used for chocolate products. Candy is suitable to be made into roll package, strip package and combined package. This packaging form has high requirements for packaging equipment and packaging materials. There is still a big gap between the packaging level of candy and chocolate in China and developed countries. The main problems are the low level of packaging equipment, few types of packaging materials and low packaging quality. In order to narrow this gap, we can only take the road of technological innovation. Therefore, the domestic candy and chocolate packaging should develop in the direction of high-speed automation of packaging machine, multi-function of one machine and characteristics of packaging design
in recent years, domestic candy technology experts have made gratifying achievements in introducing cooperation and independent innovation. In terms of candy equipment, they have successively launched inflatable milk candy production line, colloidal soft candy automatic line, ultra thin film vacuum instantaneous boiling unit, cotton candy production line, etc; Packaging machinery includes single kink packaging machine, folding packaging machine, high-speed pillow packaging machine, etc. In terms of chocolate equipment, there are multi-functional color chocolate pouring line, automatic line of chocolate composite products, chocolate extrusion line, chocolate rapid finishing mill, etc

multi function is an important trend in the development of new equipment. Because there are many varieties of candy and quick updates, the manufacturer’s requirements for the equipment are multi-function and strong adaptability. For example, the newly developed automatic line of chocolate composite products has the multi-function of producing candy, composite chocolate and coating products. In the whole production line, high-quality composite chocolates with various sugar cores and different laminations can be produced. If only the molding part of the front end is used, rectangular varieties such as nougat, toffee, Swiss sugar and milk sugar can be produced. If the coating part of the back end is used, it can meet the surface coating requirements of various products

in addition, most of the newly launched equipment now adopts new technologies such as servo motor and photoelectric tracking, which greatly improves its automatic control ability. For example, the automatic line of chocolate composite products is composed of nearly 20 units. Due to the difference of process requirements of different varieties, there are not only the problem of adjustment of each unit itself, but also the problem of speed coordination between each unit during operation. The unit adopts a general frequency converter to control the speed converter of each unit

when packaging standardized products, candy and chocolate manufacturers generally need high-speed and automatic packaging machines to pursue the optimization of packaging cost with economies of scale. Therefore, in recent years, packaging machine manufacturers have developed high-speed and automatic candy and chocolate packaging machines suitable for different types of products, such as traditional pillow packaging and some kink packaging machines suitable for double kink products. In this kind of packaging machine, the manufacturer has adopted the latest technologies, such as servo motor, photoelectric tracking, high-speed camera, etc., to achieve the efficiency of the packaging machine. At present, there are high-speed pillow type hard sugar packaging machines that pack 1500 ~ 2000 grains per minute. High speed chocolate pillow packaging machine should be developed more from the matching of equipment and cold air packaging film, so as to achieve high speed and not affect the quality of internal chocolate products. In addition, the automatic steering, sorting, emergency stop and acceleration of the conveyor belt connected with the chocolate packaging machine are also widely used. Secondly, for non standardized or seasonal products, the packaging machine should be designed to be flexible, lightweight and compact. This type of equipment does not pursue speed, but seeks personalized packaging and flexibility. In addition, the original packaging design can also cater to commodity competition, continuous innovation and give people visual impact. For example, the bottled xylitol gum on the market is more suitable for the consumption psychology of young people after packaging improvement, and the products are very popular

in short, the packaging form of candy and chocolate should be determined by the market, and the packaging technology should be determined by the product characteristics. If the product is positioned as a high-end gift, the packaging form should be attractive, and the high-end design, such as paper, wooden or metal packaging boxes, is the best choice. For mass consumer products, the packaging form should be relatively simple. For example, the pillow bag packaging is favored by merchants. It has the advantages of simple form, mature technology, high packaging efficiency and low price. In addition, the packaging technology adopted by some products should also depend on the characteristics of the product itself. For example, chocolate products will produce fat precipitation at high temperature, which will affect the quality and appearance. Therefore, the pillow bag for packaging chocolate generally adopts cold sealing technology

at present, the outer packaging forms of candy mainly include pillow bag and vertical bag (more chocolate). Among them, except that Cadbury uses the automatic packaging equipment of Bossa, Spain, other candy enterprises, such as Nestle, Hershey and Jindi, use prefabricated bags for manual packaging

Design and anti-counterfeiting of fruit packaging box

exquisite packaging can not only improve the taste of products, but also promote the important function of commodity publicity and increase the purchase enthusiasm of consumers. Therefore, packaging design has attracted much attention. The following is about the selection of packaging design software and the application of anti-counterfeiting in packaging


  1. Selection of box design software

designing a practical and beautiful package is the goal of every designer. Therefore, the selection of box design software is very important. Now there are often artios CAD software of professional box design software supplier Barco company. The box design software has strong drawing function, box library that can be deployed at any time and powerful information feedback function. At the same time, it can directly show the 3D image of design samples to customers

  2. Design of anti-counterfeiting packaging

with the development of anti-counterfeiting technology and the improvement of users’ requirements for packaging anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting packaging has become a more and more topic discussed by packaging printing enterprises and packaging users. The anti-counterfeiting packaging is changing from the original anti-counterfeiting logo to the anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting printing of packaging materials and packaging design. At present, the packaging anti-counterfeiting methods mainly include the following:

anti counterfeiting labels are pasted on the packaging box. Such as laser holographic anti-counterfeiting identification, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting identification, thermal anti-counterfeiting identification, telephone anti-counterfeiting coding identification, etc. Almost all identification labels with anti-counterfeiting function are applied in packaging

prevent opening the box. Anti counterfeiting is realized by adding anti-counterfeiting and anti uncovering seal /sealing label. Laser holographic film packaging is used outside the packaging box. The film materials used are mainly laser holographic aluminum plating film such as PVC, pet and BOPP, laser holographic transparent glazing film and laser holographic hot stamping film. The colors are gold, silver, red, blue, green and black, which are widely used in the packaging and printing industry

candy packaging – the eternal darling of new ideas

the candy industry openly admits that it is a traditionalist. Major candy brands easily control the market, because consumers all over the world have long recognized these products both psychologically and in taste. But in terms of packaging, the more stable a brand is, the less power it has to expand into new markets. The main reason for the slow change is the continuous pursuit of production line efficiency in the candy industry, which has an important impact on the packaging design of the candy market. But the result is that more and more packages with similar appearance appear in stores. The typical solution is to use the pattern design that can immediately identify the brand and the packaging material made of metal foil to stimulate impromptu purchase. Fortunately, the candy market has noticed the new trends in the frozen food, convenience food and snack food markets; These markets are updating their product packaging to meet the changing social needs of eating habits

now, the distinction between different products is becoming increasingly blurred. It is difficult to distinguish which are candy and which are other foods by packaging alone. The traditional candy market has begun to adopt strategies and launch different series of products to meet each “demand state”. For example, Nestle subdivided its “smarties” candy brand into two series: Mini and giant, and used barrel packaging supplemented by bizarre surface patterns to provide a new choice for candy consumption. The redesigned mini “smart bean” is packaged in angular tetrahedron, and this idea is inspired by snack food

Lawson mardon has experience in providing foil materials for hard packaging, including pyramid bags for Phileas Fogg. After opening the package, consumers can easily take out the candy inside. The 80 micron thick transparent polypropylene sheet is laminated on the white polypropylene foil to provide the necessary strength, ensure the good sealing of the package and facilitate children’s opening

RPC container company uses the structural design of packaging to realize value-added for the brand. They developed an egg shaped container for the peak sales during Easter. On the shelves, this egg shaped container is in fierce competition with Easter eggs. Its capacity can be shared with others or eaten by one person. Its bright yellow injection molded polypropylene container has hinges, which makes it easy to get the candy inside. To prevent sugar beans from accumulating at the bottom of the container; A hinged lid ensures that candy is evenly distributed in the upper half of the egg container. The heat shrinkable sleeve label outside the package is printed in six colors and successfully applied by Cadbury

if the candy industry wants to enter a new food market and attract new customers, it must make great efforts in candy packaging. Elizabeth Shaw, a traditional chocolate maker, took the lead: to attract younger customers, she launched a series of Starley vodka heart chocolate. This 159 gram cylindrical silver thread mouth cardboard box is printed with red and black patterns, maintaining the traditional Russian style, but also further highlighting the modern sense of the product

in the structural design of candy packaging, Lawson mardon gradually replaced the traditional vertical packaging with hard and durable packaging bags. This kind of packaging bag can be resealed, and also provides an opportunity for further diversification of candy packaging. Compared with the traditional candy packaging, this new packaging form is more desirable: in addition to printing four prominent surface brand marks, this packaging also saves a lot of shelf space without using additional pallets. At the same time, the newly adopted printing ink also increases the added value of the product by producing packaging with thermochromic effect

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