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Development history of packaging equipment

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in 1850, the world price of paper fell sharply, and paper packaging began to be used for food
in 1852, F. Wally of the United States created a paper bag making machine, which led to the emergence of paper products machinery
in 1861, Germany established the world’s first packaging machinery factory,
in 1911, it produced full-automatic forming, filling and sealing machine
the United States began to produce liquid filling machines in 1890 and gravity filling machines were produced in 1902
at the beginning of the 20th century, P. Durand in Britain used metal containers to preserve food, resulting in various canned foods
since the 1960s, new materials have gradually replaced traditional packaging materials, especially after the use of plastic packaging materials, packaging machinery has undergone major changes. The rise of supermarkets has put forward new requirements for commodity packaging. In order to ensure the fast and safe transportation of goods, containers came into being, and the size of container has gradually realized standardization and serialization, which promotes the further improvement and development of packaging machinery

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