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Development trend of aseptic packaging

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aseptic packaging technology has a good development space not only in the dairy industry, but also in other industries. The technical equipment of a large number of large backbone enterprises in China’s beverage industry has approached or reached the international advanced level. In the future, the beverage industry will have a great demand for packaging equipment, especially the filling equipment for non aerated drinks such as tea and fruit juice. More than 90% of the domestic aseptic packaging material market is still occupied by Tetra Pak and Kangmei bag. Aseptic packaging materials have a good development trend in China because of their bright and fresh advantages. There are two main reasons. First, China’s milk production is mainly in the north, while the milk consumption in the south is larger than that in the north, so the normal temperature packaging of milk is particularly urgent. Second, with the improvement of national living standards, the demand for fruit juice drinks and tea drinks is increasing year by year. In the next few years, the output and quality of domestic sterile composite packaging materials will be greatly improved. In the future, it is possible to enter Yili, Mengniu, Guangming and other domestic famous dairy groups, so as to break the monopoly situation of collapsed enterprises. The development prospect of aseptic packaging is very good, which urgently needs the policy support of relevant national departments. Aseptic packaging products compete maliciously in the low-end market and cede the domestic medium and high-end aseptic packaging market to multinational enterprises

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