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Distinguish the true and false of Qia fragrant melon seeds

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How to identify the true and false of Qia fragrant melon seeds?

the words “side opening is more convenient” are on the top right of the front of the real Qiaqia melon seed product. There is a black rectangular anti-counterfeiting block at the seal under the reverse side of Qiaqia melon seed package. The bar code of the product and the image color on the package will not be very heavy, light, but will be very clear. Compared with the packaging and printing of fake Qiaqia melon seeds, the ink is thick and fuzzy

the material in zhenqiaqia products is transparent or translucent plastic film, not the silver aluminum film of fake Qiaqia products. Moreover, the paper on the back seal of zhenqia product will cover the paper below and will not expose the paper below. Authentic Chacha melon seed bag is a transparent or translucent film. All bulk goods are counterfeit


extended data:

qiaqiaxiang melon seeds break through the traditional frying technique and change frying to boiling. After special blending, qiaqiaxiang melon seeds and a variety of Chinese herbal medicines beneficial to human health are produced through the special process of “boiling”. “Boiled” melon seeds are the outstanding representative of the unique production technology of qiaqiaxiang melon seeds

includes multiple processes such as second round screening, selection and manual selection, so as to ensure that each grain is full and of good quality. Qiaqia fragrant melon seeds, 100 boiled flavor, a “100” word image and multi-level description of the characteristics of Qiaqia boiled melon seeds: the length of time and the delicacy of 100 processes. This “hundred boiling” is another key to the uniqueness of “Qiaqia fragrant melon seeds”.

reference source: Chacha official website – chacha Xinbiao fragrant melon seeds

I bought a fake bag yesterday. If it’s silver in the bag, it’s fake. It’s particularly delicious. The genuine melon seed bag is transparent or translucent film

at present, Qiaqia has only bagged melon seeds, all of which are counterfeit in bulk. In addition, look at the Qiaqia trademark market, and counterfeit trademarks. At present, there are Zhizhi () zhiqiaqia, etc. Please pay attention to the difference. In addition, you can go to the regular supermarket to buy them like the answer on the first floor. Hehe

I bought a bag of fake claws and Qiaqia melon seeds today. Still!

I bought a bag of six yuan and 160 grams of five spices a few days ago. It’s so bad that I lost it all

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