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Double star new material quarterly report? Double star new material latest news? Double star new material ox fork evaluation?

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BOPET film has excellent material properties, and its future demand and application fields will continue to be developed. Whether it is liquid crystal display, consumer electronics, photovoltaic new energy, automobiles and energy-saving buildings, it is a downstream application field. The application fields cover a wide range, and the market potential is unlimited. Enterprises in the industry have broad prospects. As a famous double star new material in the global optical film industry, what are the advantages of investment? Let’s discuss it

at the beginning of the analysis of double star new materials, I’ll show you the list of leading stocks of optical film materials recently sorted out. If you want to see it, please click below to get it: treasure data! List of leading stocks in optical film material industry


I. company perspective

Company Introduction: Shuangxing new material focuses on the R & D, manufacturing and sales of advanced polymer materials. It is a national high-tech enterprise. The company’s new materials business mainly includes “five plates”, namely optical materials, new energy materials, information materials, heat shrinkable materials and energy-saving window film materials. Photovoltaic new energy, liquid crystal display, consumer electronics, automobile and energy-saving buildings are all included in downstream application fields

after a brief introduction to the company, let’s analyze in detail which contents of the company are more attractive for investment,

highlight 1: break through the optical base film barrier and realize the integration of the industrial chain

the optical film is the core structure of the display panel, especially the optical base film, which is also one of the highest technical levels in the optical film field, Most domestic optical film manufacturers have not reached the conditions for producing a large number of base films with qualified yield. Therefore, the company has been mainly imported for so many years. However, through years of continuous accumulation of technology, the company has gradually solved the technical problems of optical substrate and optical diaphragm by starting with upstream pet chips, And establish docking with downstream end customers, Successfully achieved slicing – base membrane – Application membrane “Industrial chain integration. Since then, the company has occupied the leading power of the industrial chain that no one can replace.

highlight 2: grow into a leader in the global optical film industry and harvest rich customer resources

double star new materials has focused on the development of optical film for nearly 20 years. Now it has become the leader in the global BOPET industry. Over the years, polyester film has become the largest market in the world The proportion ranks first in the world. The products on the shelves include more than 60 series, more than 100 varieties and more than 500 specifications. The downstream application fields have been very different. It has gradually developed from a single packaging and printing in the past to a new situation based on two domestic and foreign markets and five new material business segments

at the same time, due to the comprehensive supply of optical material film, new energy material film, special function film and conventional film, the company has contracted quality and quantity customer resources such as TV terminal plant and photovoltaic construction plant. Optical film products have introduced many global first-line brand customers, including Samsung, LG, TCL, Hisense, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc., and have reached mass supply

because the length of the article is limited, more in-depth reports and risk tips of double star new materials have been provided for you. In this research report, you can click to read: [in-depth research report] comments on Double Star new materials. It is recommended to collect them

II. From the perspective of industry

the downstream application of enterprises in the optical thin industry has developed from the past to the current multi-field and multi-functional layout of electronics, electricians, optoelectronics, photovoltaic and so on. It can be seen that the optical film is mainly provided to those high growth industries in the future, such as photovoltaic. The optical film is an important component material of solar backplane. Under the background of the rapid expansion of global solar energy development scale in the future, the development prospect of the industry is bright

moreover, the national policy also encourages the continuous R & D and innovation of high-end new materials. Among the film products mainly developed in the “14th five year plan”, the development of film products in emerging application fields is encouraged. Therefore, the development prospect of the industry is quite broad

in general, Shuangxing new material has developed into the leader of optical film materials. It has broad market application fields and huge market scale space. It will also have great growth in the future and hold a positive attitude towards the future performance of the company. The article also has some lag. If you want to understand the future market of double star new materials, you can directly click the link. A professional investment consultant will arrange diagnostic stocks for you and analyze the double star new materials in detail. Is its valuation overvalued or undervalued: [free] test whether double star new materials are overvalued or undervalued now

response time: November 12, 2021. The latest business changes are subject to the data displayed in the link in the text. Please click to view

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