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Food packaging specification

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there should be a label on the package of food. The label shall indicate the following: & nbsp& nbsp;

I. name, specification, net content and production date& nbsp;& nbsp;

II. List of ingredients or ingredients& nbsp;& nbsp;


III. name, address and contact information of the producer& nbsp;& nbsp;

IV. shelf life& nbsp;& nbsp;

v. product standard code& nbsp;& nbsp;

VI. storage conditions& nbsp;& nbsp;

VII. General name of food additives used in national standards& nbsp;& nbsp;

VIII. Production license number& nbsp;& nbsp;

IX. other matters that should be indicated by laws, regulations or food safety standards& nbsp;& nbsp;

the label of main and auxiliary foods specially for infants and other specific groups shall also indicate the main nutritional components and their content& nbsp;& nbsp;

the extended data

Article 5 food or its packaging shall be labeled, except for food that may not be labeled according to laws and administrative regulations

Article 10 the label of quantitatively packaged food shall indicate the net content. For food containing solid and liquid substances, in addition to the net content, the content of drained matter (solid matter) shall also be marked

the net content shall be listed on the same display page as the food name. The marking of net content shall comply with the provisions of the measures for the supervision and administration of measurement of quantitatively packaged commodities

Article 22 If the package of a sales unit contains different varieties of food with multiple independent packages, the food identification of each independent package shall be marked in accordance with these provisions

if all or part of the mandatory labeling contents of each independently packaged food cannot be clearly identified through the outer packaging of the sales unit, they shall be marked separately on the outer packaging of the sales unit, except that the outer packaging is easy to open and identify; If it can clearly identify all or part of the mandatory labeling contents of each independently packaged food, the corresponding contents may not be repeated on the outer package

reference source: website of the National People’s Congress of China – Food Safety Law of the people’s Republic of China (Article 67)

please refer to GB 7718-2011 for details

the contents that must be marked on the packaged food include: food name, ingredient list, net content and drained matter (solid content), manufacturer’s name and address, production date (or packaging date) and shelf life, and product standard number
first, enterprises are not allowed to confuse the real attributes of food with product names on labels
Second, the height of words and numbers that must be marked on the label shall not be less than 1.8mm; The net content and food name must be marked on the same display surface of the package or packaging container; Easy for consumers to identify and read
Third, sweeteners, preservatives and colorants must be marked with specific names
four is a special dietary food (such as infant food, diabetes food) must be labeled nutritional ingredients, that is, nutrition labels. Br> fifth, the production date and warranty period on the label shall not be pasted, subsidized or tampered with
sixth, it is not allowed to mark feudal superstition, yellow, belittle other foods or violate scientific nutrition common sense.

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