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Green packaging design description?

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the main connotation of green packaging design is related to the information industry revolution. Over the past 300 years, human civilization has developed rapidly. At the same time, the available natural resources and ecological environment have also been greatly affected. Human beings must think about a new development path. The United Nations Commission on environment and development issued “our common future” in 1987, and the United Nations Conference on environment and development adopted the Rio Declaration on environment and development and Agenda 21 in 1992, which immediately set off green actions around the world with the protection of the ecological environment as the core; The Ninth Five Year Plan for the development of China’s packaging industry and the long-term development goals for 2010 clearly point out that the development of the packaging industry should follow the principle of combining accelerated growth with environmental protection. Green packaging design will focus on the ecological balance between man and nature and minimize the damage to the living environment, Promote the development of economy, culture and society with green packaging design; Green packaging fully embodies the thought and strategy of mutual coordination and sustainable development between environmental protection and economic development. Protecting the environment and developing green packaging has become an inevitable choice for countries all over the world to develop packaging, and green packaging will become an inevitable trend for the development of packaging industry. Green package, English “green package”, some people also call it “friendly package” or “ecological package”, that is, the packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health and can be recycled and recycled. Green packaging is a systematic project, which includes knowledge of containers, packaging materials, packaging design, production technology and waste treatment technology. It is not only the development direction of packaging discipline, but also the road of sustainable development of China’s packaging industry. However, at the same time, some packaging designers still have a problem in understanding the basic concept of packaging, that is, they think that commodity packaging design is only an important means to arouse consumers’ purchase desire, promote commodity sales and obtain economic benefits. Under the action of this concept, a large number of packaging designs that only focus on immediate economic interests have emerged, such as excessive increase in the size and volume of commodity packaging, Unnecessary multi-level cumbersome packaging, in order to make the goods have a high-grade sense, the use of high-cost printing, in order to reduce the packaging cost, the use of packaging materials that are not easy to recycle and deal with can also be seen everywhere. Green packaging should generally have five connotations: first, reduction. Natural resources are the material basis for the packaging industry. From the perspective of human sustainable development, packaging should minimize the use of raw materials under the condition of meeting the functions of protection, convenience and sales, so as to benefit future generations. Second, it is easy to reuse and recycle. Through the production of recycled products, incineration and utilization of heat energy, composting and improvement of soil, the purpose of reuse can be achieved. Third, waste packaging can be degraded. Finally, no permanent waste will be formed, so as to improve the soil. Fourth, packaging materials are non-toxic and harmless to human body and organisms. Packaging materials shall not contain toxic elements, bacteria, heavy metals or these contents shall be controlled below relevant standards; Fifth, packaging is closely related to environmental protection and ecological balance. The whole process of packaging products from raw material collection, processing, manufacturing, use, waste recycling to final treatment shall not cause public hazards to organisms and the environment. In a broad sense, in the packaging materials produced, manufactured, used and recycled, we should be harmless to human health and play a good role in protecting the ecological environment. As an important part of the packaging industry, packaging design can play an important role in the development of green packaging. I think we can think from the following aspects: 1 Use green materials: packaging designers should try to use green packaging materials, which can greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by the waste of packaging materials; For example, designers can try to use the new materials developed by a foreign company that are disposable and can degrade naturally at the same time in some fields. 2、 Packaging reduction: in some developed countries, many supermarkets encourage consumers to use reusable nylon shopping bags instead of disposable plastic bags. Materials used in packaging design shall be minimized, unnecessary packaging shall be eliminated as much as possible, and simple packaging shall be advocated to save resources; The design also pays attention to the reduction of packaging, eliminates unnecessary decoration, and takes into account the function at the same time. 3、 Single packaging materials: the materials used shall be as simple as possible and shall not be mixed with different materials for recycling; For example, there is only one kind of packaging material for some cotton socks, which not only is convenient for recycling, but also has a strong sense of modernity and visual impact; At the same time, environmental friendly ink should be used as much as possible to realize green printing. 4、 Detachable packaging design: packaging requiring composite structure shall be designed into detachable structure, which is conducive to recycling after disassembly; If the materials used in the packaging structure are complex, different materials and structures can be used in different parts for classification and recycling. 5、 Reuse of packaging materials: adopt recyclable, reusable and recycled packaging to improve the life cycle of packaging materials, so as to reduce packaging waste. The environmental protection packaging material “eklin material” developed by eklin company in Sweden is taken from the pure natural packaging material – egg shell, based on calcium carbonate, which is the most widely distributed material in nature, and polyolefin, which is harmless to human body and natural environment, is added as adhesive. Their products can be made as strong as hard plastic bottles and as soft as ordinary plastic bags. 6、 Ergonomics: green packaging will develop towards the trend of ergonomic packaging, that is, easy to use, reasonable handling, reliable storage and convenient interpretation, so as to meet the special psychological and physiological needs of various groups of consumers, especially the elderly; For example, in addition to using green materials, in order to facilitate people’s carrying, a package is specially designed as a handle with plant fiber, which is harmonious, beautiful and convenient to use. It gives better consideration to ergonomic design, which is worth advocating. While considering many green factors, packaging design should pay attention to comprehensive balance. For example, a package overemphasizes the green structure and adopts complex packaging paper and packaging box. Although it is intended to emphasize the packaging materials and structure of commodity packaging, it is also not worth advocating due to the waste of materials due to exquisite techniques and high design taste; For another example, in terms of design language, it emphasizes and publicizes the information of environmental protection, and creates the visual feeling of green packaging among patterns, product names, colors and words, but at the same time, it is also undesirable to use packaging materials that pollute the environment. Therefore, in the actual design work, we should comprehensively balance the design factors and constantly accumulate design experience in order to obtain the optimal design.

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