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Green packaging in food packaging design

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green packaging refers to the packaging that has no pollution to the ecological environment, is harmless to human health, and can be recycled and reused. Today, when people pay great attention to the ecological environment, the green packaging of food has also become a necessity. According to experts’ prediction, green food will dominate the world market in the next 10 years, and green packaging is the pass for green food among consumers, which is of great significance to shaping the brand of green food. In order to coordinate social development and ecological and environmental protection, countries all over the world take reduction, reuse, recycling and degradability as the goal and means of ecological and environmental protection packaging
with the joint efforts of Tsinghua University and Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the production of biodegradable plastic polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) with waste molasses as raw material has been successfully completed; Production of biodegradable plastic PHB with genetically engineered bacteria; Using hydrolyzed starch as raw material to produce biodegradable plastic PHB and its copolymer PHBV, as well as the modification and application of biodegradable plastic PHB. On this basis, it has realized the first large-scale production of the third generation PHA hydroxybutyric acid copolyhydroxyhexyl ester (PHBHHx) in the world. The biodegradable material polyalkyl fatty acid PHA synthesized by microorganisms has excellent biodegradability, compatibility, voltage and photoactivity, its structural diversity, and the properties of new materials brought about by structural changes, The application prospect of this material in food packaging is very broad
Germany PSP company has developed a new process for foamed paper production, and the packaging material produced by it can replace foam material. The foamed old newspaper and flour were used as materials. First, the old old books were cut into broken pieces, then rolled into fibrous pulp, and mixed with flour in a ratio of 2 to L. During the extrusion process, the raw material is affected by steam to form foamed paper. Using this kind of foamed paper as raw material, plastic packaging with various shapes can be produced according to different needs. Foam paper can be formed at once, without chemical additives, and can be recycled after use. Br> using modern super powder technology, the raw materials are crushed into particles between 10 ~ 25iu, which is called ultra-fine powder. It is found that using ultra-fine powder technology to prepare starch based biodegradable plastics has obvious advantages. Superfine starch has small particle size, uniform, huge specific surface area and huge surface energy, which can significantly improve its fluidity and filling. When it is used to prepare biodegradable plastics, it can effectively improve the mechanical properties of the material and greatly increase the amount of starch on the premise of ensuring the service performance of the material, which is helpful to reduce the cost and save oil resources, It is of great significance to develop the application of natural starch and improve the biodegradation rate of plastics
the southern regional center of the U.S. Bureau of agricultural research uses soybean protein, enzymes and other treatment agents to make soybean protein packaging film, which is used for food packaging. It can maintain good moisture, prevent oxygen from entering, and cook with food. It is easy to degrade, reduce environmental pollution and avoid secondary pollution of food
Indonesian scientists have invented the technology of making cardboard with algae. With two tons of dried algae, one ton of cardboard can be made. The quality of the made paperboard is not inferior to that of ordinary paperboard. Commercial production has been carried out

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