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History and development of simplified packaging design

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About 400 words on the development of simple packaging!!!! It’s a simple packaging design!!!! I can’t find any information for your help

Abstract: with the development of the world design movement to today, after a large amount of garbage pollution and the serious imbalance between the ecological environment, people finally began to pay attention to the problem of resource utilization. The design community also began a reform of design concept, and the concept of green design has been extended to the packaging design industry, calling on the packaging design industry to integrate ideas, All designs should be people-oriented, simple packaging, save resources, and design concise, practical and beautiful packaging works
key words: green design; Unity of heaven and man; Save resources; Humanism
in the modern society with the rapid development of science and technology and the high development of industry, energy and environment are becoming the two biggest problems faced by mankind. People pay more and more attention to their own survival problems, which is unprecedented: land desertification, deforestation, air pollution, soil erosion and energy depletion, Species extinction – while industrial technology brings prosperity, it also brings immeasurable threat to human survival. In this context, the voice of paying attention to the environment, preventing pollution, respecting nature and advocating nature is rising all over the world. This ecological consciousness is reflected in the field of design, which is a green design pursuing the coordinated development of man and nature. Packaging is also a large industry in the field of design. Therefore, packaging design should first be integrated into green design, people-oriented and simple packaging
today’s society puts forward the slogan that everything should be people-oriented. Therefore, when we do packaging design, the first thing we should consider is the principle of people-oriented. The content we design, the advantages and disadvantages of the selected materials to mankind, and the value to consumers. Packaging – how much harm has it brought to mankind while driving economic growth and optimizing human life
first, let’s focus on some data. According to the Shanghai 1997 information of century stream Forum (China Economic Publishing House), more than 1600 tons of domestic waste are produced every day, including a large amount of packaging waste, such as cartons, paper bags, plastic bags, glass bottles, metal boxes, etc. Due to industrial wastewater pollution in Shanghai, 40% of grain, 80% of pork, 20% of aquatic products and 36% of vegetables in the suburbs of Shanghai are polluted beyond the national standard
urban pollution causes a variety of impacts and directly causes a variety of diseases of developing residents. For example, lung cancer is a disease obviously related to the atmospheric environment. In the past 20 years, the mortality rate of lung cancer in Beijing and Shanghai has increased by 20%
according to a large amount of information provided by environment and development (Science and Technology Literature Press), the harmful gases, dust, waste residue and wastewater emitted by thousands of small paper mills, small cement plants, small chemical plants, small tanneries and small coke plants in rural areas have reduced the output of fisheries, disappeared fish and shrimp, and damaged farmland. Pollution can be seen everywhere on both sides of the Huaihe River and the Grand Canal
secondly, everything interacts, contradicts and unifies with each other. Human beings not only hurt nature, but also hurt themselves. Now people have finally realized how precious nature is to mankind! Only by adapting to nature can nature better repay mankind. Through a large amount of pollution data, as a designer, we may be thinking about the packaging pollution around us and the damage to human beings caused by our designed works. Pollution is caused by human beings, and nature also reacts with human beings. This is a simple logic. Therefore, while human life is becoming richer, social production is developed and the economy is highly prosperous, human beings begin to examine their own life: our packaging design should also pursue humanization and simplicity, based on the convenience and quickness of human life, all design concepts should be people-oriented and put humanism in the first place. Therefore, while designing and selecting materials, we must first consider the problems of resource saving and resource reuse
in view of serious ecological pollution and harm, lack of resources and other problems, anti pollution actions have been taken all over the world. It is mainly reflected in the utilization of waste resources and resource conservation. Scientists have developed a method of sorting and screening urban garbage to recycle different kinds of garbage or turn them into other substances for use. Among them, paper, wood chips, cotton and hemp can be directly recycled. Therefore, I personally think the most valuable packaging materials today should be paper, wood chips, cotton and hemp. Using these materials not only saves resources, but also saves the cost of production process. Today’s designers often do not consider the side effects of packaging, so when choosing materials in design, they only start from beauty and economic benefits. Coupled with the continuous improvement of modern digital technology and process technology, the packaging is becoming more and more complicated and wasteful. What’s more, the packaging cost of products is higher than that of products themselves. For example, in today’s famous brand moon cake packaging boxes, some inner packaging uses copper boxes and outer packaging uses cardboard. Most of them use cumbersome processes such as bronzing, which wastes resources, is beautiful but not practical. Most products themselves are not exposed and do not meet the basic requirements of product packaging. In view of the pollution data mentioned above, I call on design institutions and designers to consider the side effects of packaging more before engaging in design, carefully select materials again and again, and present products to consumers with the simplest materials, the most use value and the most beautiful design. At present, some packaging design works only pay attention to the luxury of material and process production, while ignoring the practical and appropriate design value, which is also a manifestation of breaking away from humanism
the design works only pay attention to the luxury of materials and workmanship, while ignoring the practical and appropriate design value, which is also a manifestation of breaking away from humanism
packaging design should follow the principle of “practicality, beauty, economy and environmental protection”. Although China’s national economy has improved, compared with some developed countries, we are still in the primary stage of economic development. Therefore, practicality should be put in the first place in packaging design. Practicality is to pay attention to function. Packaging and decoration design should consider the surface decoration and process production effect on the basis of fully ensuring the practical function. Only when the internal practical function, the artistic effect of exterior decoration and the process production are consistent, practical and appropriate, and complement each other, can it be called an excellent and successful work
when we try to design excellent packaging works, some anti pollution radical organizations have started anti packaging activities. After reading the relevant reports, as a professional designer, I made a deep reflection on this. In fact, while pursuing high-quality life, we can also omit many physical packaging and replace it with practical design that can save more resources. For example, we can design folding bags that can be used repeatedly to buy vegetables and replace plastic bags, so that China can reduce 2 /3 of the disposable plastic bags for vegetables. At the same time, it reduces white pollution, saves resources and reduces the process of recycling
I think designers can guide life, guide market consumption and change life while leading fashion. The “3R” principle in the field of design is the guiding ideology of green design and belongs to the category of methodology. Rece reduction refers to the reduction of quantity, area and use. Through the reduction of a series of products in all links, the purpose of saving energy and raw materials can be achieved; Reuse recycling is to recycle all or part of the used or obsolete products and apply them to another suitable structure for reuse, so as to reduce waste and promote saving; The meaning of recycle regeneration is to form a new material source after completely scrapped products are processed to achieve the purpose of resource regeneration. The essential idea of “3R” is to ask people not to ask for the resources of nature too much and to be restrained. It does not mean not to use resources, but to have a limit, that is, to use them reasonably, so as to achieve the best state with nature. The first point of the “3R” principle refers to rece reduction, which shows the importance of reduction. Therefore, while paying attention to the simplicity of design, we should pay more attention to reducing. When life is carefree, people should begin to pay attention to returning to nature and pursuing innocence. Therefore, modern design should focus on simplification and begin to restore the flavor of ancient times. Many ideas should take “return to consciousness” as the leading concept and “humanism” as the concept of life. In a word, emphasizing “people-oriented and simple packaging” means paying attention to the harm that packaging design brings to human living environment, such as pollution, disease, etc; Emphasizing “people-oriented and simple packaging” is to reduce or even prohibit the misleading consumption of product packaging design to consumers, only pay attention to the surface decoration effect and the luxury of materials, but exaggerate the product function, volume and use value
I just hope that designers can integrate humanism and green design into their own design ideas and integrate social responsibility and professional responsibility. Design concise, perfect and practical packaging design works, and design excellent works that can replace polluting packaging, so as to give mankind a beautiful and concise world.

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