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How many famous cigarettes are there in Sichuan?

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jiaozi (dajinyuan), tianzhijiaozi red 1973, Tianzi

1. Beijing – Zhongnanhai. Apart from Zhongnanhai, there are really no other distinctive local cigarettes in Beijing. The package of this kind of cigarette looks very simple and generous. It is said that Chairman Mao still likes smoking very much

2. Zhonghua, this cigarette must be familiar to everyone. Although it is the symbol of Tiananmen Square, it is not produced in Beijing, but in Shanghai


3. Hubei – Yellow Crane Tower, which is the main cigarette in Hubei, has a great reputation. I have to say that this kind of packaging is really tall. Many people will give gifts with it

4. Huangshan is the representative brand of Bengbu cigarette factory of Anhui China tobacco industry company

jiaozi series, red panda series, Wuniu series, Ashima series, Chengdu, tianxiaxiu series, dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang series, most of which are these. There are few famous cigarettes in Sichuan… They are all produced together by Sichuan Chongqing company. And don’t listen to those brain cripples upstairs. Fuck, the clouds and smoke are coming. Their names are Yunyan. Do you say Yunnan or Sichuan. Yuxi is also from Yunnan. Regardless of Gaiyu or nephrite. (for adoption)

Chengdu cigarette factory: jiaozi, Wuniu, Tiandi and Jiuzhaigou
Shifang cigarette factory: national treasure and the best in the world

Gai Zhong, ruzhong, Tianzhi jiaozi, Suyan, Ruyun, nephrite

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