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How much is a small vacuum pump

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the price of vacuum packaging machine is 358-580, which is suitable for small batch processing in small processing plants, laboratories, families and so on. The price of household vacuum packaging machine was thousands of before. You can check the manufacturer of packaging machine online.

what is the price of vacuum packaging machine? This has a lot to do with the configuration and size of the vacuum machine, and the price is very different. Products can be customized according to different specifications and models, and the price is negotiable. Welcome to consult Qizhou packaging for vacuum packaging machine. Chengdu Qizhou packaging equipment Co., Ltd. is a large-scale B2C e-commerce website in China’s packaging machinery industry. The main business categories are sealing equipment, vacuum equipment, packaging equipment, packaging equipment and other 11 categories, about more than 100000 products, and the factory price direct sales of small vacuum packaging machine manufacturers! Welcome to Qizhou packaging machinery 028-83133258

there are two kinds of small vacuum machines:
1. Household vacuum machines with low vacuum requirements can be considered. If there is no vacuum pump, the price is about 400 yuan
2. Professional vacuum machines with high vacuum requirements can be considered. 260 vacuum machines with sealing length less than 260mm and vacuum pumps are suitable for vacuum sealing packaging of experiments, packaging bills and small bags, The price is more than 2000 and about 4000
you get what you pay for. Compare the quality of the product before you buy it. You can’t be sure until you see it. After sales should keep up with it. Don’t blindly choose cheap ones.

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