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How should the vacuum packaging machine be maintained?

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Is there a good way to maintain the vacuum packaging machine? How long does it take to maintain?

take the simplest dz600 series vacuum packaging machine

1. A good vacuum packaging machine first depends on whether it is an all stainless steel product. Stainless steel is divided into 304 and 201. Many small manufacturers use 201 stainless steel to pretend to be 304 for sales. Many inspection methods are not introduced online. In addition, stainless steel also has the distinction of thickness. The vacuum chamber must be more than 4mm thick, otherwise it is easy to deform
2. The heart of the vacuum packaging machine is the vacuum pump. Whether the vacuum pump is a joint venture or a vacuum pump, the minimum is the 63 type vacuum pump. The pumping rate is fast. In addition, the more vacuum pumps, the better. Often, the price of a high-power pump is much higher than that of multiple small pumps. In addition, many small manufacturers will use bad vacuum pumps for OEM sales as imported vacuum pumps, This needs attention. There are many domestic vacuum pump brands. You can search Taobao or Alibaba. You can get the goods for every penny. Good products are always expensive
3. The electrical parts of vacuum packaging machine can be made in China. Now the domestic electrical appliances have reached a very mature level, but they must be made of large domestic brands. The quality difference of small domestic brands is too large to be discriminated. Do not blindly pursue imported electrical appliances. At present, there are a large number of high imitation imported electrical appliances in China, which are mixed and unidentifiable
4. Problems with the structure of vacuum packaging machine. A good vacuum packaging machine first looks very comfortable from the appearance. There are no burrs in the plate processing, no welding quality number, and no abnormalities in the test machine. Of course, non professionals can’t identify whether the packaging structure is reasonable and durable. Some vacuum packaging machines are good at first, and various problems will appear in the later stage, In terms of selection, we should choose domestic large brand packaging machines. For work reasons, there are many vacuum packaging machines debugged by me every day. Fuji vacuum packaging machines in Japan are durable and can be selected. The quality of domestic Yongliang vacuum packaging machines is also good, which can be selected according to personal price
5. After sales service. It is impossible for a vacuum packaging machine to be used for a long time without problems. After sales service will affect the use experience. The factory recommends training its own mechanical maintenance personnel to solve the problem on site. It is recommended to buy a vacuum packaging machine from a large domestic manufacturer, so that the after-sales service is relatively fast
note: the vacuum packaging machine should be suitable for your own products. It should be selected according to the size of packaging bags and packaging materials. The sealing size of dz600 vacuum packaging machine is 600mm. It is necessary to reasonably calculate whether your own packaging materials are suitable.

the following are the maintenance methods of vacuum packaging machine:

1. Before operation, you must read the manual carefully and be familiar with the adjustment and use methods
2. According to the instructions of the vacuum pump, the vacuum packaging machine shall be regularly maintained, refueled and strictly controlled. It is not allowed to reverse, so as to avoid damage to the pump and pump reversal. The vacuum oil shall be poured back into the vacuum system
3. When the vacuum pump is running, ensure that the oil level is at 1 /2-1 /4 of the oil window height, and check the oil level and oil pollution frequently (it is recommended to check once a week)
4. Frequently check whether the grounding wire of the vacuum packaging machine is in good contact to ensure power safety
5. Frequently check whether there are foreign matters on the sealing dyeing cloth (polytetrafluoroethylene) of the heat sealing support and whether it is flat to ensure the sealing strength
6. In case of any fault, turn off the power supply in time. If necessary, press the emergency stop button. After venting, lift the cover, then turn off the power supply, check the cause and eliminate the fault


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