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How to deal with problems in the work of automatic die cutting and indentation machine in packaging factory!!

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common problems and Countermeasures in die cutting and indentation process

with the development of society and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, consumers not only require the internal quality of goods, but also put forward higher requirements for the packaging of goods. This includes not only the requirements of commodity packaging decoration design, but also the requirements of packaging post press processing quality

die cutting indentation processing technology is suitable for surface processing of all kinds of printing materials. In particular, the finishing processing of the surface of cartons, cartons, trademarks and works of art of various grades is also one of the important means to realize packaging design. Die cutting and indentation processing not only plays an important role in the final quality and effect of packaging, but also improves the artistic effect of printing to a great extent, but also endows printing with new functions. It has become an important means of printing value-added and promotion. Therefore, die-cutting indentation technology is more and more favored by people, and the scope of use is also wider and wider. However, in the die-cutting indentation process, a series of problems often appear, which affect the smooth progress of production. Therefore, this paper takes the common problems of horizontal flat die-cutting machine in die-cutting indentation production as an example to analyze, hoping to be helpful to the actual production

the paper feeding and receiving principle of the full-automatic horizontal flat pressing and flat die-cutting machine is similar to that of the offset press. The faults are not analyzed here, but the common problems in the die-cutting part are discussed below

uneven pressure

uneven pressure in the process of die-cutting indentation. Generally, there are two situations:

1. If the pressure is slightly uneven, it may be caused by the uneven distribution of die-cutting knife and wire (steel knife and steel wire), resulting in the force deflection of the moving platform during die-cutting. At this time, a balance knife line should be added on the die-cutting plate to make the force on the platform uniform

2. If there is serious uneven pressure at the four corners at the front and rear of the platform, it is mainly caused by the inconsistent height of the four connecting rod swing rods supporting the moving platform. At this time, open the shield of the die-cutting base to check whether the swing rods are worn. If the wear is serious, replace them. Otherwise, adjust the four pressure adjustment inclined irons until the pressure is consistent

die cutting accuracy is not high


die cutting accuracy is one of the most important standards to measure die cutting quality and an important guarantee for producing qualified products. In the actual production process, die cutting accuracy often fails to meet the design requirements. There are many factors affecting the die cutting accuracy, mainly in the following aspects:

1. The wear and elongation of the main drive chain will directly affect the positioning accuracy before die cutting. At this time, the chain can only be replaced

2. The intermittent mechanism is worn, causing the tooth row to shake during stopping or starting, which affects the die-cutting accuracy. In this case, it generally only affects the positioning accuracy. At this time, the intermittent mechanism should be overhauled

3. The positioning distance of the front and rear positioning swing frames is too small. Because there is a certain error in the length of the chain itself, if the positioning distance is too small, the chain error cannot be eliminated during the front and rear positioning, thus affecting the die-cutting accuracy. At this time, the adjusting screw of the front positioning swing frame or the cam position of the rear positioning swing frame should be adjusted so that the front and rear positioning frames can move the tooth row for a distance of 2 ~ 3mm

4. The positioning of the upper die-cutting plate or the lower die-cutting plate is inaccurate. The long-term use of the machine will cause the wear of the positioning block on the die-cutting plate frame or die-cutting base plate, resulting in excessive fit clearance and reduced die-cutting accuracy. Replace the positioning block at this time

5. The wear of side positioning plate is an important factor causing inaccurate side positioning. Since the shifting amount of positioning is not enough to make up for the wear, it will cause the side positioning accuracy to deteriorate. Replace the side locating plate at this time

6. The pressure of paper teeth is too small or uneven. If the elasticity of the movable teeth of the paper teeth is reduced due to long-term use, it will cause the paper to slip or fall off in the transmission process, which will directly affect the die-cutting accuracy; The uneven pressure between the paper teeth may cause the skew of the paper in the die-cutting process. The movable teeth should be replaced at this time. In addition, the fixed teeth should also be consistent in the horizontal height, otherwise there may be paper collision or paper wrinkling after picking up the paper, which will affect the die-cutting accuracy

7. The cardboard is deformed or stretched during operation, resulting in inaccurate “overprint”, which affects the die-cutting accuracy. Appropriate paper should be selected to reduce the influence of material defects on die-cutting accuracy

8. The accuracy is not enough due to the operator’s misoperation, or the die-cutting accuracy cannot meet the requirements due to the low accuracy of the die-cutting version body. At this time, operators should be professionally trained, production management requirements should be improved, or die-cutting plates should be made again

die cutting loose version

the so-called loose version refers to the phenomenon that the waste edge and paperboard are scattered during die cutting, resulting in poor paper feeding. When the loose version is serious, it will affect the normal production. The main causes of loose plate are the mistakes in the plate making process of die-cutting plate and the improper selection of elastic rubber strip (or sponge); At the same time, other factors may also cause scattered edition

1. During die-cutting plate making, if the shape of live parts is complex or there are many live parts arranged, and the connection points of die-cutting are very small and few, it is easy to cause scattered plate during die-cutting. At this time, the number of connecting points should be appropriately increased. If possible, the length direction of the live part should be consistent with the paper conveying direction

2. If the elastic adhesive strip (or sponge) on the die-cutting plate is too soft to bounce the paper smoothly, it will also cause loose plate. At this time, high-quality elastic rubber strips (or sponges) with high hardness and good elasticity shall be selected

3. Too early start of pressure discharge is also an important reason for loose version. After die cutting, when the moving platform descends, although the paper has been bounced off the knife line by the elastic rubber strip (sponge), the elastic rubber strip (sponge) is generally 2 ~ 3mm higher than the knife line. At this time, if the paper holding tooth row starts to move, it will be easy to tear the paper and cause loose version because the elastic rubber strip (sponge) still presses the paper on the die cutting base plate. At this time, the coupling sleeve between the intermittent mechanism and the main chain axle shall be loosened for adjustment, so that when the moving platform drops 7 ~ 8mm from the top dead center (about 10 ~ 15mm during corrugated paper die cutting), the pressing row begins to move

4. In addition, the quality of die-cut prints is also one of the reasons for loose plates. If the paper of the printed matter is too poor and the fiber is too short, there may be loose plates in the die-cutting process. At this time, you can reduce the die-cutting speed and appropriately increase the number of connecting points

the cutting edge is not smooth or even hairy during die cutting

the main reason for this phenomenon is related to the quality of the steel knife and whether the role of the steel knife can be played normally. There are mainly the following situations, which must be paid enough attention to

1. Poor quality of steel knife, sharp edge and poor die-cutting suitability are important reasons for unsmooth and even fuzzing edge. High quality steel knives should be selected according to the different properties of the printed matter to be die-cut to improve its die-cutting suitability. If there are no special requirements, steel knives with cross grain treatment should be selected as far as possible

2. The blade of the steel knife is seriously worn and not replaced in time, which makes the steel knife unable to function normally. The wear of the steel knife edge should be checked frequently. If it is found that the wear is serious enough to affect the die-cutting quality, the steel knife should be replaced in time

3. During the adjustment of die-cutting pressure, the paper pad at the steel knife is not handled properly, that is, the pressure supplement is not done well, resulting in uncomfortable die-cutting pressure, unsmooth edge or fuzzing. The die cutting pressure should be readjusted and the backing paper should be replaced to make the pressure meet the die cutting requirements

4. The matching and installation of die-cutting knife and elastic rubber strip (or sponge) are not standard, which will also cause the above phenomena. The elastic rubber strip (or sponge) must have enough hardness to compress the paper, so that the die-cutting knife can cut the printed matter smoothly. The elastic rubber strip (or sponge) with different hardness should be selected for different paper. At the same time, the placement position and height must also meet the specifications

5. The generation of unsmooth edge or fuzzing is also related to the flatness of bottom steel plate and machine pressure. The bottom steel plate must be flat and replaced if necessary

burst line (burst color)

burst line refers to the paper cracking at the indentation when the product is die-cutting or the finished product is folded. This is a common problem in die cutting, especially in dry weather. It should be analyzed according to the specific situation:

1. The paper is brittle and has low water content. Especially for the paper polished at high temperature, it is explosive during die-cutting. At this time, wet the paper before die-cutting, and use the water filter to water the back of the paper, increase its water content, make the grade slightly flexible, and then go to the die-cutting machine. After die-cutting, if the line bursts when pasting the box, wipe water at the crease to alleviate the line burst condition

2. There are large areas of dark colors such as blue or black on the surface of printed matter, which are explosive colors and lines after die-cutting. During printing, no or less ink additives are added to the dark ink to strengthen the adhesion of the ink on the paper and reduce the phenomenon of Color Explosion and line explosion

3. When the thickness of paper (board) is too large, it is easy to produce wire burst. At this time, the height of die-cutting steel wire should be selected reasonably

4. The explosive line behind the paper under the steel plate should be thinned at this time

5. When the pressure of the die-cutting machine is too high, the explosive line should be broken. At this time, the pressure should be reduced to make the waste edge just separate

6. The indentation die or bottom paper is too thick, the indentation is narrow, and the line is explosive. The indentation die with appropriate thickness shall be selected, and the indentation width shall be moderate

7. The paper powder falling from the notch accumulates in the slot. The operator shall clean the paper and foreign matters in time

the indentation line is irregular

the main reason for the irregular indentation line is that the indentation groove on the steel wire pad is too wide, and the position of the paperboard indentation is uncertain; The thickness of steel wire pad paper is insufficient, the groove angle is not standardized, and redundant rounded corners appear; The tightness of knife arrangement and fixing is not appropriate, the steel money is too tight, the bottom cannot achieve ideal contact with the pressing plate plane, and it is easy to twist during indentation; The steel money is too loose, so it is easy to move left and right when indentation. The elimination method is to replace the steel wire pad paper, and the width of the indentation groove is appropriate; Increase the thickness of steel wire pad paper and trim the groove angle; When arranging and fixing knives, the tightness shall be appropriate

when cleaning the waste after self-adhesive die-cutting, the label is stuck and removed

after self-adhesive die-cutting, when cleaning the waste, the label is often stuck and removed by the paper edge waste, especially for some small-area labels. Generally, this problem can be solved from the following aspects:

1. When designing, appropriately increase the label area, the shape should not be too complex, and arrange the labels reasonably

2. Prevent the viscosity of self-adhesive surface paper from decreasing. It can reduce the temperature of storage and printing workshop, or increase its viscosity

3. Replace the blade with blunt blade or remake the die-cutting plate

4. Adjust the pressure of the die-cutting plate by padding the die-cutting plate to make the pressure of the die-cutting plate uniform and the depth of the die-cutting indentation consistent

5. Speed up the waste discharge of die cutting

the problems discussed above are common problems in production. In actual production, there will be many other problems. We can analyze them according to the specific situation, find out the possible causes, and take corresponding measures to solve them

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