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How to deal with the waste gas of printing factory?

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How can the waste gas treatment scheme of the printing workshop meet the emission requirements?

the waste gas produced by the printing factory has complex components, heavy odor, and belongs to flammable and explosive gases. Moreover, if the waste gas is directly discharged into the atmosphere without purification, it will have a great impact on the surrounding environment. I hope the following five methods of waste gas treatment in the printing factory can help you deal with the waste gas of the printing factory

1. Plant liquid gas phase reaction: plant liquid is atomized under high pressure to form a fog like gas phase. The dispersed plant liquid molecules have great surface area and surface energy compared with liquid molecules. In the purification equipment, the plant liquid molecules in the gas phase and waste gas molecules form a gas phase rapid absorption environment

2. Plant liquid absorption method: plant liquid molecule is a kind of non-toxic and harmless macromolecular high activity long-chain substance, which can quickly absorb waste gas molecules after atomization and dispersion. This purification method is also called bonding polymerization method. After the components of waste gas pollutants are absorbed and purified by macromolecules of plant liquid, they become non-toxic and tasteless molecules and are discharged up to the standard. The purification method is energy-saving, environment-friendly, stable and efficient

3. Absorption method: this method is a mature chemical unit operation process, which is suitable for the treatment of VOC containing waste gas with large gas volume and medium concentration

4. Catalytic combustion method: this method is a method that uses the combustibility of VOC for treatment. VOC enters the combustion chamber and is completely burned to generate CO2 and H2O under the conditions of high enough temperature, excess air and high temperature turbulence. The commonly used combustion methods include direct combustion method, catalytic combustion method and so on. According to different situations, more appropriate treatment methods shall be selected in detailed design

5. Catalytic oxidation method: a special treatment method that uses the special ultraviolet band (C-band) to break the waste gas molecules and further redox under the action of special catalytic oxidant. Waste gas molecules first break organic molecules and break their molecular chains through special band high-energy ultraviolet light waves; At the same time, high concentration ozone is obtained by decomposing oxygen and water in the air. Ozone further absorbs energy, forms free hydroxyl groups with higher oxidation performance, and oxidizes waste gas molecules. At the same time, a variety of composite inert catalysts are configured according to different waste gas components to greatly improve the speed and efficiency of waste gas treatment, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying waste gas

the five printing plant waste gas treatment methods described above are only commonly used. For the printing plant waste gas, the scheme needs to be designed according to the site, according to the ink production, waste gas emission, waste gas concentration and other parameters.

the waste gas of the printing plant mainly comes from the organic solvents such as ink, glue, fountain solution and alcohol used in the printing process, especially the volatile substances emitted by the ink during the production of printing materials, which contain a large amount of irritant gases such as ethanol, toluene and xylene. The first step to deal with the waste gas problem: install the spray tower purification device, because the spray tower has the effect of collecting, absorbing, filtering and purifying the waste gas discharged by the factory, plays a great role in deodorization and dust removal, can effectively purify the harmful substances in the air, and has been widely used in deodorization
the second kind: add plant deodorant and add it directly into the circulating water of the spray tower in combination with the previous process. Although the spray tower has the effect of deodorizing and purifying air, it also has a disadvantage that the waste gas absorbed by the spray tower will be recycled through the circulating water for a long time, and the waste water in the tower will show a secondary pollution source of dark color and smelly water, At this time, the plant deodorant is directly added to the wastewater and used in combination, which can remove the harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan in the wastewater, and the effect is obvious and lasting.

if you are looking for waste gas treatment, I suggest looking for a manufacturer with rich professional experience, because it can reduce a lot of your time cost and give you a lot of suggestions on how to solve the waste gas and meet the emission standard
now the national control environment is quite strict, which is a fine of hundreds of thousands or millions, Therefore, environmental problems are extremely important
personal suggestions:
in this regard, I suggest you find manufacturers in Kunshan area. Aonasen environmental protection company focuses on waste gas treatment and provides one-stop solutions, which can be considered


it depends on the local standards and the amount of paint used. If the standard is low and there is less paint, it is OK to use activated carbon for adsorption. Those with high standards and large amount of paint must be put on catalytic combustion equipment.

the waste gas of printing factory comes from the volatilization of ink in production, drying and other processes. The main components are organic waste gas, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and it has a foul smell, which has a bad impact on the workshop environment. For the waste gas treatment of printing plant, Wanchuan environmental friendly UV photolysis purifier, activated carbon adsorption tower and other organic waste gas treatment equipment can be selected for treatment.

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