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How to do a good job in food packaging

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food packaging should pay attention to the following aspects:
first, understand the characteristics of food itself and the protection conditions required. Study the sensitive factors affecting the main components of food, especially the nutritional components such as fat, protein and vitamins, including light, oxygen, temperature, microorganism, physics, mechanics and other factors. Only by mastering the biological, chemical and physical characteristics and sensitive factors of the packaged food and determining the required protection conditions, can we determine what kind of packaging materials and packaging technology are selected for packaging operation, so as to achieve its protection function and appropriately extend its storage life
II. Study and master the packaging performance, scope of application and conditions of packaging materials. There are many kinds of packaging materials with different properties. Therefore, only by understanding the packaging performance of various packaging materials and containers, can we choose packaging materials that can not only protect the food flavor and quality, but also match its commodity value, and make the comprehensive packaging become a reasonable packaging material according to the protection requirements of packaged food. For example, foods that need high temperature sterilization should be packaged with high temperature resistant packaging materials, while low temperature refrigerated foods should be packaged with low temperature resistant materials
III. master relevant packaging technology and methods. For a given food, in addition to selecting appropriate packaging and containers, the most appropriate packaging technology and methods should also be adopted. The same kind of food can often adopt different packaging techniques to achieve the same or similar packaging requirements and effects. For example, for foods that are easy to oxidize, vacuum or inflatable packaging can be used, or sealed deoxidizer can be used for packaging. But sometimes in order to achieve the set requirements and effects, specific packaging technology must be adopted. The selection of packaging technology is closely related to the selection of packaging materials, as well as the market positioning of packaged food
IV. study and understand the market positioning and circulation area conditions of commodities, the market positioning of commodities, the mode of transportation and the climate and geographical conditions of the circulation area are the factors that must be considered in food packaging design. The packaging and decoration requirements of goods sold domestically and exported to different countries are different, and the protective requirements of packaging are also different for different modes of transportation. For food packaging, the change of climate conditions in the commodity circulation area is very important, because the temperature has a great impact on the chemical changes of food internal components and the barrier of food microorganisms and their packaging materials

v. to study and understand the overall structure of packaging and the impact of packaging materials on food, we should understand the migration of additives and other components in packaging materials to food, as well as the impact of the penetration and adsorption of some components in food into packaging containers on the quality and quantity of food in the circulation process

VI. carry out reasonable packaging structure design and decoration design. According to the protective requirements of food, predict the packaging cost, packaging quantity and other conditions, carry out reasonable packaging design, including the design of container shape, pressure strength, structural form, size, sealing method and so on. Try to achieve reasonable packaging structure, save materials Save transportation space and conform to the trend of the times, and avoid excessive packaging and deceptive packaging
the packaging and decoration design should adapt to the interior products, so that the trademark is eye-catching, the text is concise, the pattern color is bright, full of visual impact, and can meet the preferences of the targeted consumer groups. Export commodities should pay attention to the national habits of consumer countries and avoid taboos of consumer groups
VII. Master the packaging test methods. Qualified goods must have qualified packaging. In addition to the product itself, the packaging must also be tested before they can enter the circulation field. There are many package inspection items, but not every package should be comprehensively inspected. What tests should be carried out on the specific packaging should depend on the characteristics and sensitive factors of the inner food, the types of packaging materials and the requirements of national standards and regulations. For example, for empty cans of canned food, it is often necessary to measure the dissolution of the coating in the food, the oxygen permeability of the packaging material should be measured for deoxidation packaging, and the water vapor permeability of the packaging material should be measured for moisture-proof packaging
VIII. Master the packaging standards and regulations. The packaging operation should strictly comply with the national standards and regulations, and the export products should also comply with the relevant standards and regulations of the importing country. Only in this way can we ensure the smooth progress of raw material supply, packaging operation, commodity circulation and international trade. With the development of market economy and international trade, the standardization of packaging is becoming more and more important. Only in this way can our goods go abroad and participate in the competition in the international market.

(1) confirm the shelf life of the finished product and confirm the packaging benchmark according to the characteristics of the finished product and the shelf life requested in the market
(2) inquire and visit the selling environment, inquire and visit the furnishing status and preservation status of finished products similar to the finished products we plan to deliver in the market, so as to confirm the selling method and selling location
(3) confirm the specifications of finished products and understand the specifications of packaged finished products, such as the weight, volume, number, coloring, structure and packaging cost of packaged finished products
(4) confirm the packaging situation based on the market request and with reference to the strength and toughness of the finished products requested by the seller
(5) check its social benefits. When stopping packaging planning, pay attention to the safety of packaging materials to ensure the safety of food
(6) confirm the type of packaging machine and decide the example of using packaging machine according to different packaging methods
(8) confirm the packaging method. Confirm the packaging method according to the packaging benchmark and packaging situation. When packing tightly, check the gas barrier according to the degassing method and vacuum method. Stop the research on the impact resistance, pay specific attention to the first product Witkey, and stop the research on the heat resistance and heat shrinkage according to whether the secondary sterilization can be stopped; Study the heat insulation and adhesion to oil and gas.

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