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How to identify the authenticity of copper

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I don’t know what kind of copper you’re talking about. Bronze and brass are alloys. It’s difficult to distinguish between true and false, but these are cheap metals. Generally, no one on the market will accept fake
however, elemental copper is more expensive, but it is difficult to fake because of its special color, dark red and metallic luster. It can be identified by flame reaction, that is, dissolve the metal to be tested in concentrated sulfuric acid, dip a little liquid with clean iron wire and put it on the alcohol lamp. Seeing green can prove that there is copper.

the commonly used plastic insulated single strand copper core wire with a cross-sectional area of 1.5 mm2 weighs 1.8 ~ 1.9 kg per 100 m; 2.5 mm2 plastic insulated single strand copper core wire, with a weight of 2.8 ~ 3.0 kg per 100 m; 4.0 mm2 plastic insulated single strand copper core wire, with a weight of 4.1 ~ 4.2 kg per 100 m, etc.
copper clad copper: burn small balls with fire, and there are sparks when burning, just like fireworks
copper clad aluminum: it is easy to burn, it bends when burned with fire, and it is green and purple after burning
red copper: it is not easy to burn, does not bend when burning, and will form small balls
the national standard line should be 99.5m-100m Some non marking lines are only more than 60-75 meters First, check whether there is “CCC safety sign” and production license number on the wire packaging board. Whether the outer plastic skin of the wire is bright and fine in color and texture. There should be no open fire when lit with a lighter
this is what I checked recently and I am going to buy the wire
I have consulted some manufacturers and asked them what the weight of 100m wire is. Compared with the above, it’s not much different
let’s have a look at the scene

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