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How to sterilize vacuum packed fresh corn

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1. The sugar content of sweet waxy corn after harvest decreased rapidly under low temperature and cold storage at room temperature. The test showed that at 30 ℃, about 60% of the soluble sugar was transformed into starch one day after harvest; About 25% of sugar is transformed into starch in one day at 10 ℃. Although the low temperature at 0 ℃ has an obvious inhibitory effect on the sugar transformation process, 6% of soluble sugar is still transformed into starch in one day. The loss of sugar will significantly affect the unique flavor and fresh and tender quality of fresh corn. Therefore, fresh corn cannot be stored for a long time, and it is not suitable to put it at room temperature for a long time. The suitable storage temperature for fresh corn is 0 ℃± 0.5 ℃, and the relative humidity is 95% – 98%. The key points are as follows. 1. Harvesting at the right time and at the right time is very important to ensure the quality of fresh corn and prolong the storage period. Usually, when the corn filaments are slightly dry, the corn ears are tightly held, and the corn grains have rich milk outflow when pinched with fingernails, it is appropriate to harvest when they are sweet and fresh. 2. Rapid precooling precooling is an important part of good storage, especially for fresh corn. It is required to rapidly precooling the corn ears to 0 ℃ within 1-2 hours after harvest. The rapid cooling methods suitable for fresh corn are vacuum precooling and cold water cooling. When vacuum precooling is used, the corn ears should be humidified in advance to prevent water loss; The cold water precooling can be carried out by spraying. The cooling water temperature shall be kept at 0 ℃ – 3 ℃. After precooling, the floating water on the corn bracts shall be dried. 3. Storage: peel off most of the bracts of the pre cooled corn ears, leave only a layer of endothelium, and put them into the box lined with fresh-keeping bags, 5-7.5kg per box, tied and stacked for storage. It should be noted that the ventilation duct should be reserved during stacking, and the storage temperature should be kept constant and controlled at 0 ℃± 0.5 ℃. Generally, this storage method should not exceed 20 days

II. Quick freezing preservation quick freezing is to quickly freeze fresh corn at – 25 ℃ and refrigerate it at – 18 ℃ after packaging. This method can guarantee the quality for half a year. It is the most effective method to prolong the supply period of fresh corn. Basic process flow: raw materials → removing bracts and whiskers → selection → blanching → cooling → quick freezing → packaging → refrigeration (- 18 ℃). The specific method is to remove the bracts and whiskers of fresh corn ears, select insect free fruit ears and blanch them. It is appropriate to boil them in boiling water for 8 minutes (50 ‰ salt and 2.5 ‰ lemon can be added to the blanching water to improve the flavor and color), then quickly cool them (cool them with ice water or normal temperature water) to drain the water, and put them into – 25 ℃ for quick freezing. The freezing time is appropriate to freeze the whole corn ears. Then it is packed and sealed with composite film (single ear packaging or 2-3 ear packaging) and frozen at – 18 ℃. The shelf life of this method can reach half a year. If long-term storage is not required, it is planned to go on sale within 3-4 months. From the perspective of production cost, blanching procedure can be omitted and quick-frozen storage can be carried out directly. When eating, it can be boiled in boiling water for 20 minutes

III. vacuum packaging normal temperature storage this is a method of vacuum packaging, high-temperature sterilization and normal temperature storage, and the storage period can reach one year. Basic process flow: raw materials → removing bracts and whiskers → selection → boiling → cooling and draining → vacuum packaging → sterilization → normal temperature storage. First, remove the bracts and whiskers of the fresh corn ears, select the insect free ears, cook them in boiling water for 8 minutes, take them out, cool and drain the water, and vacuum package the single ear (vacuum packaging machine). Then high temperature and high pressure sterilization. Pasteurization can be used for sterilization, that is, steam in a steamer for half an hour and then steam for half an hour every two days; Pressure steam sterilization method can also be adopted, with temperature of 125 ℃, pressure of 0.14MPa and 10 minutes. Check whether the package is broken or leaked after disinfection. Pack the intact package and store it at room temperature. It also needs to be boiled for 10-15 minutes.

it won’t be a real vacuum, but the air pressure is low. If it is a vacuum, the corn will be violent. General high-temperature resistant plastics can withstand a high temperature of 120 degrees. 1. The best way to cook and 2 add preservatives is to freeze or refrigerate at low temperature

vacuum packed sweet corn adopts high barrier transparent flexible packaging bags, which are mainly three side sealed bags. According to the shape of sweet corn, they can also be divided into four categories: single rod packaging, double rod packaging, multi-stage packaging and grain packaging. Most of these bags have a three-layer structure of composite membrane, and the inner layer is block rcpp, which can ensure 121 degree high-temperature sterilization, It can also ensure the instantaneous high temperature that may occur in the sterilization process, and also ensure that the bag remains soft after sterilization without denaturation “hardening” or “brittleness”.

1. Never touch the mouth of the bag when putting food into the bag. Replace the bag and reload it after touching it, otherwise the mouth of the bag cannot be sealed firmly after being stained with oil, and the bag will be broken in high temperature
2. The bag mouth cannot be folded when sealing, otherwise the bag will be broken in high temperature
3. Try to dry the food before bagging
4. Vacuumize as much as possible
5. After the product is cooked, go to the cold storage, take out the package, vacuumize and sterilize within one hour
otherwise, enter the cold storage after vacuumizing
6. Do not enter the cold storage after high-temperature sterilization, place it at room temperature, and observe whether there are bulging bags. Pick out and destroy the bulging bags
7. When loading the outer packaging bag, wipe the moisture on the vacuum bag, otherwise water vapor will be generated after bagging
8. The packing box shall be thick and firm as far as possible to avoid damage during transportation.


how to sterilize vacuum packaged quick-frozen corn?

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