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How to tell whether brass is true or false

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I especially want to know how to identify copper and what to pay attention to when identifying copper

brass is a zinc copper alloy
1. Burn with fire, and the blackened brass
2. Add dilute hydrochloric acid, and the bubbles will produce brass
3. Add silver nitrate solution, and the silvery white brass.

look at the density! Brass density 8.8; Red copper, bronze, density 8.9
brass is the cheapest kind of copper alloy. Red copper and bronze are more expensive! Therefore, it is impossible to use red copper and bronze to pretend to be brass (the color is also different), and use copper plating on other metal surfaces to pretend to be brass, so the density must be wrong!

go to Baidu app to view

 1. Put brass into a container containing dilute hydrochloric acid (or dilute sulfuric acid), and brass is the one with bubbles on the surface

 2. Put brass into the container containing ferrous sulfate solution. After a period of time, it is brass that changes the color of the reagent

 3. Add silver nitrate solution and brass turns silver white

 4. Burn the brass with fire, and the brass will turn red


 is there no above condition to verify? Anything else


 wait a minute 

 reply to you immediately 

 1 look at the color: the color can be used to identify copper. Pure copper is purplish red, brass is light yellow and bronze is close to white, even if the surface is filed with a file. Fake copper is usually dyed and packaged, and the original color will be exposed after the surface is cut off with a file


 listen to sound: identify copper and listen to the sound. Gently tap the surface of copper. The sound of real copper is low and will make a "buzzing" sound, and the sound disappears slowly. The knocking sound of fake copper is very sharp and disappears quickly


 magnet: a magnet can be used to identify copper. Copper is a non-magnetic material, so there will be no adsorption force when the magnet is close. Fake copper contains iron, which will be quickly attracted when the magnet is close

10 more

the color of brass is yellow, the material is soft, and the conductivity is about 40%. When collecting copper, you can observe the color, touch it with your hand, and test it with the help of an ohmmeter.

density measurement

give you some metal density… You can compare

brass 8.4-8.85

cast brass 8.62
cast brass 8.62
cast brass 8.62
tin bronze 8.7-8.9
tin bronze 8.7-8.9
tin bronze 8.7-8.9
rolled phosphor bronze 8.8
cold drawn bronze 8.8
rolled phosphor bronze 8.8

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