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How to treat the waste gas of printing workshop?

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the components of waste gas produced by printing workshop mainly include the following: toluene, benzene, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, No. 200 solvent oil, ethanol, butanol, etc. The ink used in the printing process mainly contains pigment, resin, solvent, auxiliary agent and other materials. The main source of waste gas comes from the process of inking, drying and compounding. The volatile organic solvent is the main source of air pollution. The waste gas produced by the printing factory has complex components, heavy odor and belongs to flammable and explosive gases. Moreover, if the waste gas is directly discharged into the atmosphere without purification, it will have a great impact on the surrounding environment. I hope the following waste gas treatment methods of the printing factory will help you deal with the waste gas of the printing factory. Common treatment methods: adsorption method, absorption method, catalytic combustion method, regenerative combustion method, biological reagent spray method, etc
if the waste gas treatment equipment is used, the operation will be simpler and the treatment effect will be better. Therefore, it is recommended to use waste gas treatment equipment, such as UV photolysis purifier, spray tower, activated carbon adsorption tank, etc.

now in the printing industry, many factories with economic ability have begun to use waste gas recovery equipment. Recycling device can be Baidu “spray tower”. This is only one of the devices, and there are other devices that can be extended through it. Mainly because of the type of waste gas
a complete set is better. It is said that it has reached the level of ten million yuan (mainly depends on the area of the production workshop, the use of ink and solvent, etc.). Nevertheless, there is still a smell in the production workshop, and it is impossible to clean it up.

environmental protection equipment can be used

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