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How to use the double chamber vacuum packaging machine?

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How to use the double chamber vacuum packaging machine?

the double chamber vacuum packaging machine is widely used in the packaging industry. The operation of the double chamber vacuum packaging machine of Zhucheng chunrui machinery is very simple and convenient. Chunrui’s vacuum packaging machine has complete functions and independent control buttons, which can be set directly on the panel, with high controllability and strong stability. Let’s share the use of vacuum packaging machine:
1. Turn on the power and set the air extraction time and sealing time of the packaging machine in advance
2. When the packaged products to be evacuated are sent to the vacuum chamber, the bag mouth shall be tidy and flat and pressed under the pressure bar
3. Press down the vacuum cover, and the vacuum pump enters the evacuation process, sealing and cooling process, which are all independently completed by the packaging machine
4. After the vacuum packaging machine completes the sealing and cooling process, the vacuum cover will pop up automatically. One vacuum packaging is completed and you can enter the next vacuum packaging

the above is the operation method of the double chamber vacuum packaging machine. If you want to know other information about the vacuum packaging machine, you are welcome to consult.

working process: first close the cover, and the vacuum pump will pump air from the working room. When the predetermined vacuum degree is reached, the vacuum pump will stop working, the pressurizing valve will be opened, the air bag will be inflated, the pressure strip will press down on the sealing part, and the power will be applied for heating at the same time. After the packaging bag is sealed, the air release valve will be energized and opened, and the automatic air release and cover opening will complete a working cycle.

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