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I want to ask how the film on the outside of that new book got on.

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I want to ask how the film on the outside of that new book got on. It looks good

the shrinking machine uses shrinking film to wrap the book or package. After heating, the shrinking film shrinks and wraps the product or package tightly to form a visible film outside the book

specific steps: select the type of outer film of the book, generally there are two types: PE film, POF film, and PE film, which are mostly used for plastic packaging of books. After selecting the type of film sealing, the shrinking machine heats the shrinking machine, drives the book through the transfer belt, enters the compression part for compression of the thermal film, forms a layer of film visible to the naked eye on the surface of the book, and then passes through the transfer belt to the next process


function: fully display the appearance of items, improve the exhibition and sales of products, and increase the beauty and sense of value. The goods packaged by the heat shrinkable machine can be sealed, moisture-proof and pollution-proof, and protect the goods from external impact. It has a certain buffer, especially when packaging fragile goods, it can prevent the containers from flying when they are broken. In addition, it can reduce the possibility of products being disassembled and stolen

extended data:

workflow of shrinking machine:

1. First set the heating time for the machine

2. After pressing the manual or automatic button, the rack cylinder solenoid valve is powered on and outputs to drive the gear, which drives the chain. At this time, the rear proximity switch of rack cylinder is disconnected. When the rack cylinder runs to the top dead center, the front proximity switch of the rack cylinder is turned on, and the solenoid valve of the oven cylinder is powered on and output

3. When the oven cylinder runs to the top dead center, the timer starts to delay, and the rack cylinder solenoid valve is powered off

4. When the timing is over, the solenoid valve of the oven cylinder is powered off

5. Decide whether to continue the next workflow according to the working mode flag

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1. According to different films: PE film shrinking machine, POF film shrinking machine

2. According to the heating mode: quartz tube heating and stainless steel heating

3. Divided by speed regulation: electronic speed regulation and frequency conversion speed regulation

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia shrinking machine

the mechanical specialty is called shrinking machine, also called film wrapping machine or film wrapping machine, which is to pack a layer of film on the outside of books to prevent moisture or pollution. It can pack single books or stack books for packaging, so as to facilitate transportation. There are many manufacturers of shrinking machines, such as Jinan Xunjie and Jinan Dongtai. You can go and have a try to see if it is the effect you want

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