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Is melon seed oil self squeezed or finished oil?

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whether to eat less self squeezed oil or finished oil is more hygienic and healthy
as a kind of food, the state has stipulated the edible oil officially sold on the market, and the environment, process, equipment, packaging container and storage conditions of oil production, as well as the source of oil, aflatoxin and heavy metal content should also be tested. From the perspective of food safety, the edible oil sold regularly can be eaten safely, while consumers will have many problems extracting oil from themselves. First of all, the source and quality of oil are not guaranteed, and consumers cannot test the content of heavy metals, aflatoxin and other harmful substances in raw materials; Secondly, the environment and equipment for oil extraction cannot be controlled. For example, the machine may rust, and the containers may contain plasticizer or carcinogenic bisphenol A; Third, once the extraction process is not well controlled, it may also make the oil under high temperature react and produce carcinogens. In addition, the storage time of the extracted oil is also very important. Generally, after half a year’s shelf life, the oil will produce a series of harmful components, resulting in respiratory and intestinal discomfort. Therefore, Professor Dong suggested that it is better to eat less self squeezed oil, buy the oil officially sold in the market, and don’t eat an oil for a long time to avoid “partial eclipse”.

melon seed oil should be squeezed by yourself, because it is natural and original.

you can take it to the place where you squeeze oil and let others process it. It’s better than what you buy

personally, if you have conditions, it’s better to squeeze it yourself. After all, what’s good about being late for what you fried? Where bad, there is no need to add other additives. But if you don’t have that condition. It turns into an ass. After all, it’s convenient to use. It’s troublesome to fry yourself, and the process is cumbersome. In the end, whether you can eat it or not has become a problem?


the premise of self squeezing is that you squeeze by yourself instead of buying others to squeeze by yourself

you say that the refined oil is fake. Do you know whether there is Aspergillus flavus in the raw materials used for self squeezing outside? Is his equipment hygienic? And so on, many questions need to be considered

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