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Is the bar code on the packaging bag usually drawn by the designer or given by the manufacturer?

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When designing food packaging, the bar code on the packaging bag is usually drawn by the designer or given by the manufacturer? I mean, what’s the general rule?

of course, it is the number of barcode provided by the manufacturer, and then you can generate it according to the number. Some manufacturers give you film. The barcode is applied by the manufacturer to the relevant departments. There is a lot of commodity information there.

there is a barcode generator. The manufacturer will give numbers. You can enter numbers to automatically generate barcodes

Coredraw is equipped with a bar code generator, which can directly input numbers and replace them with bar codes


the number of barcode provided by the manufacturer is generated according to the number
the generation steps are as follows:
1. Create a new blank document in the file menu
2. Edit menu and insert barcode option
3. In the pop-up panel, select EAN-13 as the industry standard. Enter the first 12 digits of the commodity barcode and the 13th digit will be automatically generated. Click next
4. In the pop-up panel, you only need to pay attention to the value in the bar code height column, because the scaling scale of the vector image can be adjusted manually later. Set two sets of parameters
5. Click next to set the parameter value by default
6. Click Finish to generate the bar code corresponding to this number. The two groups of parameters in step 4 can generate the effect.

think too much

bar code as a machine scanning code & nbsp

it has certain rules and is very strict. The coarse and fine points are completely different

there are special bar code making tools

bar codes with different standards

different styles

if you don’t understand the making & nbsp

it’s better to ask the manufacturer for

but the manufacturer generally only provides the code

you should make

according to the code. For example, this code

1 is a verification code, which does not need to be input, and it can’t be input

to use [UPC (a)] This standard is used to make

if you can’t do it with other standards

there is a plug-in dedicated to making barcode in CorelDRAW

you can also directly download the barcode making software

[] this software is powerful

you can learn about it

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