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Is there a deadly forbidden drug hidden in health food?

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with the improvement of living standards, health food claiming to regulate human function is more and more favored by people, especially elderly consumers. But after eating the so-called health food bought back from Chengde, Hebei, Mr. Li always feels flustered and unwell. What’s going on? Look at today’s reporter survey

the gospel of diabetics? Can it lower blood sugar

Mr. Li is more than 60 years old and has diabetes for over 10 years. According to Mr. Li, when chatting with friends, someone introduced a health food called “Renhe Yibao”, which has hypoglycemic function


Mr. Li, a consumer in Chengde, Hebei, said: after eating this food, the effect of diabetes is very good. p>

after returning home, Mr. Li immediately inquired online and really found this online store selling Renhe pancreatic treasure on an e-commerce platform

Mr. Li, a consumer in Chengde, Hebei Province: this big box cost more than 100 yuan. At that time, I bought five boxes

after eating “health care products”, consumers feel flustered

however, after eating for some time, Mr. Li feels obviously unwell

Mr. Li, a consumer in Chengde, Hebei Province: after eating, he feels flustered and feels a little hypoglycemic

it is noted that the so-called “Renhe Yibao” purchased by Mr. Li from the Internet has the approval number of guoshijian Zi g20060490. However, the reporter logged into the official website of the former State Food and Drug Administration and found that the product name corresponding to this approval number is jindihua tangshuerke capsule, which was applied for by Beijing Huaxia Kangqiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. on April 14, 2006

it is claimed that the main ingredients include nearly 20 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines such as American ginseng, Cordyceps sinensis and Ganoderma lucidum. The health food marked “pure traditional Chinese medicine, green and healthy” has abnormal reaction after eating. Mr. Li felt that the Renhe Yibao he bought was not right, so he came to Chengde food and drug supervision department for consultation

Zhang XUEDE, deputy director of market supervision bureau of Chengde City, Hebei Province: we have opened up a green channel to implement rapid inspection, rapid identification and rapid investigation. In this case, it was found that the drug component (phenylethyl) biguanide was added to this product

professional told reporters that it is a chemical that has been used in the treatment of diabetes in the early stage. However, medical practice has found that phenformin can cause lactic acidosis during use, which can lead to death in severe cases

therefore, as early as 2012, the former State Food and Drug Administration listed metformin hydrochloride and phenformin hydrochloride in the list of substances that may be illegally added to health food

phenformin was stopped for a long time due to side effects

in November 2016, a document clearly pointed out that after evaluation, phenformin can lead to lactic acid acidosis with high incidence, limited clinical value and greater use risk than benefit. Therefore, it was decided to stop the production, sales and use of phenformin API and its preparation in China

the production, sale and use of phenformin, which was banned by the state, was found hidden in health food. Chengde food and Drug Department immediately handed over this claim to Chengde Public Security Bureau

Chen Xu, leader of the food and drug detachment of Chengde Public Security Bureau, Hebei Province: we immediately accepted the case and sent this box of health products to the professional department for inspection and testing. The results showed that Renhe Yibao, a health food, contained western medicine

the test results of the authoritative department finally confirmed that the “Renhe Yibao” purchased by Mr. Li illegally added the banned drug phenformin, which may directly endanger the health and even life safety of consumers. Hebei police immediately set up a task force to investigate the case

Tian Guangqing, political commissar of the food and drug corps of the Public Security Department of Hebei Province, directly promoted the case to the level of investigation, conducted joint operations, and formed a strong task force to tackle tough problems

Where did Mr. Li buy Renhe pancreatic treasure? The police started the investigation from the circulation channels and soon locked in the Wuwu food business department in Changshou District, Chongqing

Zhang Zhongyu, deputy leader of the food and drug detachment of Chengde Public Security Bureau: this store mainly sells Renhe Yibao and some other hypoglycemic health foods. They promote and sell some things through wechat or QQ through online marketing

the reporter learned from the interview that Wu Wu food business department was founded by Cheng in Chongqing. At the same time, it also opened an online store on the e-commerce platform to sell toxic and harmful health food such as Renhe Yibao and Baicao sugar to the whole country. Police investigation shows that these products are not produced by Cheng himself, and Cheng is only a secondary wholesaler

MA Zhanshan, director of Chengde Public Security Bureau, Hebei Province: in the process of detection, we found that it was not a case, but a major case involving a wide range of regions, a large number of people involved and great value, integrating raw material counterfeiting, finished product production and online sales. Therefore, we decided to take the overall effort to solve the case

during the investigation of Hebei police, the Ministry of public security received a report from Hunan Provincial Public Security Bureau that Hunan Huaihua Public Security Bureau was investigating a case of Internet sales of “Renhe Yibao” and other health food. After study and analysis, the two cases point to the same source of counterfeiting. Therefore, the Ministry of public security decided to combine the two cases for investigation and listing for supervision. Hebei police found out that Zhang and others in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province were the family who provided Renhe Yibao to Cheng through the arrangement of clues such as Cheng’s logistics records one by one. According to the suspect Cheng Cheng’s account, he began to approve Ren Bao Yi Bao from a dealer in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, who claimed to be Zhang Chang in the early 2016. p> Reporter: how much did he sell you

suspect Cheng Mou: sell me 1200 yuan (box). p>

reporter: one. Are you selling it

suspect Cheng: I sell it, the price is not equal to 100 yuan. p>

according to the police investigation, the Renhe pancreatic treasure purchased by Cheng from Zhang online is 30 boxes each, and the converted price of each box is about 40 yuan. Then sell it to consumers who don’t know the truth at a price of about 125 yuan per box in their own physical stores and e-commerce platforms

the reporter learned from the investigation that Zhang, who supplied Cheng, was the key figure in the case of manufacturing and selling toxic and harmful health food. Zhang explained that he participated in the drug Fair held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province in 2016 and wanted to find opportunities to make money. After comparison, he chose the health food industry

suspect Zhang: at that time, I heard that the line (health food) was not very profitable, it could earn some money and then began to enter the line. p>

after a period of exploration, Zhang found that a health food called Renhe Yibao was more popular in the market, so he bought samples from the Internet and found Liu, who knew at the drug fair and specialized in generation processing, who imitated the production and made fake

suspect Zhang: I don’t know the ingredients at all. I don’t know how to operate that piece. I haven’t seen it before. p>

while arresting Zhang, the police also arrested Liu, who did processing for Zhang, and checked his production dens

police: the so-called foundry is a fake dens without production qualification

Xiong Liang, food and drug corps of Hebei Provincial Public Security Department: after we arrived at Liu’s production dens, the general feeling was four words: shocking. In his production, he put the production equipment in an abandoned farmhouse. The finished products include some raw materials, and some are randomly stacked in dirty places such as toilets and chicken houses

the reporter noted that Liu’s so-called agent processing factory not only has no qualification to produce health food, but also has an extremely poor production environment. There are no health protection measures on site. The only production equipment is the aluminum-plastic packaging machine necessary for packaging capsules; Outside the yard and on the indoor ground, production raw materials or finished products are stacked everywhere, which is completely a fake dens

Xiong Liang, food and drug corps of Hebei Provincial Public Security Bureau: we saw these bright health products in the hands of the victims, which were produced in a very dirty, messy and poor black dens without any production conditions

so, what exactly is the ingredient in the capsule of Renhe Yibao under the banner of health food produced by Mr. Liu

suspect Liu Moumou: Western medicine plus rice bran powder, others give a way is to buy according to this (raw material) on the line. p>

Liu explained that the contents of these capsules had nothing to do with the Chinese herbal medicine marked on the packaging box. In fact, they were rice bran powder doped with the chemical phenformin. According to police statistics, in addition to Renhe Yibao, there are 32 so-called health products such as qicaohua sugar and insect insulin. The reporter found in the investigation that the fraudulent use of the approval number is the most commonly used deception in the process of Liu’s fraud. Renhe Yibao falsely used the approval number of jindihua tangshuerke capsule approved by Beijing Huaxia Kangqiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in 2006; The health food and health word (1999) 0296 is marked by the five sugars and sugar, and the real identity is the Tang Tang brand “Dan Tang” belonging to a Diabetes Research Institute in Shijiazhuang. p>

Zhao Jiahong of Chengde Public Security Bureau: these batch numbers of grain sugar are used falsely

fabricating the approval number out of nothing is another means of fraud by Liu and others. For example, the second generation of gene oral insulin seized by the police was marked with the approval number of guoshijian word g20130327. However, when the reporter logged in to the official website of the former State Food and drug administration, he couldn’t find the approval number at all

fake health care products pretend to be Chinese herbal medicines and swagger through the market

the reporter noted that these products counterfeited by Liu claimed to be prepared with Chinese herbal medicines without exception. However, according to police investigation, the ingredients in the capsules of all 32 products with different outer packaging are exactly the same as Renhe Yibao

Zhang Zhongyu, food and medicine detachment of Chengde Public Security Bureau: in fact, the ingredients here are the same. They are rice bran powder plus Western medicine raw materials, and then processed into capsules according to your different needs. For example, if you need Renhe Yibao, I’ll pack you a package of Renhe Yibao

so far, the interest chain of a case of manufacturing and selling toxic and harmful health products dominated by Zhang has surfaced: after receiving Zhang’s entrustment, Liu, a processing dens, sold toxic and harmful health products such as “Renhe Yibao” with a counterfeiting cost of less than 5 yuan /box to Zhang at a price of about 12 yuan; Zhang then sold it to Cheng, a secondary dealer, at a wholesale price of about 40 yuan /box; After getting the goods, Cheng sold them to consumers who didn’t know the truth at the price of 125 yuan /box on the e-commerce platform. There were huge profits in every link

in the investigation, the reporter noticed a detail: due to the amazing profits of counterfeit health care products, some salespeople tried to encourage consumers to increase their consumption in order to obtain the best interests in the sales process, regardless of consumers’ health. This is the online chat record between Zhang and an offline salesperson. It can be seen from the dialogue that some consumers obviously feel unwell after taking Tangyikang. Zhang told the offline that this is because the dosage is too large, but the offline thinks that if the dosage is small, it will sell well

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