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Must the production date be marked on the inner packing bag of food? Do I have to put it on the inner bag?

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if there is a production date on the outer box and inner box, the inner bag can not be punched

but it must be called if there are the following circumstances

1. When the inner bag can be used as a separate sales unit, for example, when selling in the supermarket, the outer box is removed and sold as a bag


2. If the production date of each inner bag product is different, the production date must be marked separately

why is the production date on the general food bag marked at the seal?

the production date is marked at the seal because it is afraid that the goods will be squeezed and damaged in other places

the sealing machine is equipped with a code printing wheel, which saves equipment and trouble. The equipment is almost the same

strictly speaking, food packaging bags must be clearly marked with the production date, but can they also be printed in batches, but this is also based on the unit box, and instructions are required on the small package, I.e. “production date see” “Words.

if you can’t do it, it’s not enough to stick a single date on the large box, because the date on the large box can’t be found and maintained everywhere when the source of goods is delivered to the site. Even if it is maintained, the consumer will not recognize it. Once it is found by the careful consumer, it is likely to lead to behavior.

after issuing the legal report, the worst thing may be local confiscation and confiscation The relevant local operation Department will not involve domestic manufacturers, but you are most likely to accept the responsibility of both parties, which involves more compensation issues, and others are basically not involved

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