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Performance characteristics of aseptic packaging

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aseptic packaging has two application types: Refrigerated packaging and normal temperature packaging. Refrigerated packaging includes milk roof bag, brick, pillow and juice roof bag. Normal temperature packaging includes aseptic brick, aseptic pillow and hot filling roof package. There are four kinds of common paper plastic aluminum composite aseptic packaging materials in the market: paperboard, polyethylene, aluminum foil and ink. Paperboard does not directly contact the contents of the package, but it is an important part of the package, accounting for about 75% of the weight of the whole package. The main function is to strengthen the stiffness and hardness after packaging. The weight of food grade polyethylene in polyethylene aseptic packaging accounts for about 20% of the whole packaging. Its main function is to block liquid leakage and microbial invasion. In the aseptic packaging of aluminum foil, the weight of aluminum foil only accounts for about 5% of the whole packaging. Its main function is to avoid light and block air permeability, keep the contents from oxidation, reduce nutritional loss and keep the taste fresh. The weight of ink in sterile packaging is very small, but it is very important for health and safety. On the market, the printing inks for dairy and beverage packaging are mainly solvent based inks and water-based inks

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