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Personal year-end summary of packaging supervisor

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The personal year-end summary of the packaging supervisor is mainly responsible for the production and packaging! Thank you!

a set of rules summarized: first, strengthen learning and constantly improve yourself. The second is to strengthen innovation and have unique opinions on technology and consciousness. For example, what new varieties you have developed for the company, what new technologies and methods you have discovered and summarized, which have saved costs for the enterprise, etc. Third, how do you implement the highest instructions of the company’s boss, give advice and suggestions for the boss around creating efficiency and efficiency, and how much work you have done to complete * * production tasks (list a large number of figures). 4、 How do you manage your subordinates. 5、 How do you try your best to expand the company’s popularity and improve the company’s business volume (if you have this function). 6、 What packaging have you produced for which customers, what are the customer’s comments, customer feedback, suggestions to the company, what aspects need to be improved, etc.

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