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Problems and Countermeasures of logistics packaging

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Seek a graduation project of logistics management major.. Title: Problems and Countermeasures in logistics packaging. thank you

the problem with logistics packaging is that

there are many kinds, because all kinds of goods may involve packaging
packaging materials, cartons, wooden boxes, woven bags, pallets, etc

for such a paper, it is recommended that the landlord go to the logistics company to observe and understand it in person. For example, the packaging service of Xinbang logistics, which I often ship, is divided into packaging bags, fiber generation, packaging boxes, etc. generally, you explain to them that they are more allowed to observe there


you’d better go to practice and then write your graduation project

the problem is that the current packaging quality is very poor. The countermeasure is to transfer the goods in a special car and reduce the transfer of goods! China’s logistics is not so complex. There are many people in small freight companies with multiple jobs. Sometimes the theoretical things are not practical! If you want a paper, you don’t have enough points. Add points. Hi, I study logistics and do logistics. I hope what I said can help you,

I can’t see what you’re asking

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