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Problems in aseptic packaging

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the technology and materials of aseptic packaging are in a mature state, but in the aseptic packaging composed of paper plastic aluminum, such as brick package, pillow package and roof package, all packaging specifications with packaging capacity less than 250ml adopt the design of exposed drinking pipe hole. These drinking pipe holes without any cover are very easy to adhere and hide dirt, bacteria and other impurities harmful to human body. When consumers directly insert into the drinking tube without necessary sanitary measures for the drinking tube hole, pollutants will be brought into the beverage, which will bring great health hazards to drinking
over the years, experts and researchers in the aseptic packaging industry have conducted long-term exploration and Research on the hygienic drinking problem of aseptic packaging. Fortunately, the industry has invented a patented technology of “sanitary beverage box”. In order to make consumers no longer drink “toxic drinks” as soon as possible, people of insight strongly appeal to the government to introduce compulsory hygienic drinking standards for sterile packaging and quickly transform and apply the patented technology of “Hygienic beverage box” as soon as possible. The hygienic drinking standard of aseptic packaging has entered the agenda of relevant national departments. Only then will there be real aseptic packaging in the market and consumers can “drink at ease”

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