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Qingdao packaging machinery enterprises? There are knowledgeable people to help!

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For example, the technical strength, salary and development of Riqing machinery, Nuo Anshun, Matsumoto, Yilong, Jiayin and other packaging machinery.

Riqing is an old brand. Their staff mobility is small, relatively stable and their salary is not high New technical school students start at 600 More than 1K for old employees In the past, there were 300, 600 and 900 bonuses. I don’t know if there are any now Several companies from the daily clearing did well
Nuo Anshun, don’t think about newcomers. There are serious gangs inside. It’s hard for newcomers to get in The salary is not high, but you are allowed to earn extra money For example, the position of installation monitor, salary 1600, monitor fee 200, and extra cash 0-3000. It depends on your ability. Selling some materials and doing a part-time job for your peers are all sources of extra cash Don’t think about extra money in other companies
the packaging machines made by Yilong are different from those made by Riqing, Nuo Anshun and other manufacturers. They are different types of packaging machines. I’m not sure
Jiayin is not clear
Nuo Anshun recruited mechanical designers in the newspaper a few days ago. I don’t know if I can recruit them now There used to be a master’s degree in design there, which probably didn’t mix well

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