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The difference between tin foil packaging and plastic packaging

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Steamed stuffed buns, pastries and other foods should be wrapped in tin foil or plastic. Please help analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of packaging. Authorities are welcome!

food is a general term, which is a huge variety. Packaging is also a general term, which is also a huge variety. For steamed stuffed buns and pastries, I personally think it is more appropriate and economical to use plastic composite film packaging that can meet the national food hygiene standards. The tin foil you mentioned is a film material commonly used in the plastic flexible packaging industry, which is called aluminized film. Aluminized film is generally divided into VMCPP and VMPET according to different substrates, of which VMCPP is used more widely and commonly. Of course, aluminum foil metal material is not excluded, but the cost is high. It is generally not common in the packaging of steamed stuffed buns and pastries. It is mainly used in small quantities in snack shops, which is easy to form and has good texture.

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