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The ink in the printing of food packaging box is harmful to human body. How to reduce or eliminate the harm?

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Many food packaging bags and boxes will be printed with ink, but there are many harmful substances in the ink. This accumulation over time is bound to cause certain harm to the human body. How to reduce or eliminate this harm from the beginning. Ask for guidance

ink is the largest pollution source in the printing industry, and the annual output of ink in the world has reached 3 million tons. The global emission of organic volatile matter (VOC) pollution caused by ink has reached hundreds of thousands of tons every year. These organic volatiles can form a more serious greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide, and will form oxides and photochemical smog under the irradiation of sunlight, seriously polluting the atmospheric environment and affecting people’s health. In addition, heavy metals and other harmful components in ordinary printing inks for packaging and printing of food and toys will also directly endanger the health of consumers
printing ink consists of pigment, binder, solvent and auxiliary agent. Among them, organic solvents and heavy metal elements cause serious damage to human body. There are two kinds of pigments in ink – inorganic and organic. Both are insoluble in water and other media, and have bright color and stability. Some inorganic pigments contain heavy metals such as lead, chromium, copper and mercury, which are toxic and can not be used to print food packaging and children’s toys; Some organic pigments contain biphenyl glue and have carcinogenic components, so they should not be used
to meet the requirements of environmental protection, the ink composition should be changed first, that is, the new ink should be prepared with environmentally friendly materials. At present, environmental protection inks mainly include water-based ink, UV ink, water-based UV ink and some alcohol soluble inks. (source: China packing box industry network)

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