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There is a bag of vacuum packed Beijing roast duck. How to eat well?

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remove the wrapping paper, then put the whole into the microwave oven or oven, turn it over medium heat for 5 minutes, take it out and cut it into pieces. It tastes good

roast duck is a famous Beijing dish with world reputation. It was developed by Chinese Han people in the Ming Dynasty and was a court food at that time. It is made of high-quality Meat Duck Peking duck, roasted with fruit wood charcoal fire, with ruddy color, fat but not greasy meat, crisp outside and tender inside. Beijing roast duck is divided into two schools, and the most famous roast duck restaurant in Beijing is the representative of the two schools. It is known as “delicious in the world” for its red color, tender meat, mellow taste, fat but not greasy characteristics


I also brought two vacuum ones back this summer vacation, so I opened the package directly, heated them in the microwave oven, and then opened the attached sweet noodle sauce. If there are thin skin and cucumber strips, it would be better. Tear off the roast duck, put it on the thin skin, dip it in the sweet noodle sauce and cucumber strips, and you can eat it. This is the authentic way to eat roast duck.

in fact, you can eat it by opening it directly. We opened the beer when we went to school. The taste of
is similar to that of pickled duck

microwave oven or steam can be used

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