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Vacuum packaging machine, every day, what is the so-called vacuum

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in vacuum technology, vacuum refers to the atmosphere. If some substances in a specific space are discharged so that their pressure is less than a standard atmospheric pressure, we generally call this space vacuum or vacuum state. There are two types of vacuum packaging I know: one is bag vacuum packaging; One is bottle vacuum packaging. In both types, all the air in the packaging container is pumped out and sealed to maintain a high decompression state in the bag. Bagged is called vacuum packaging machine, and bottle type is called vacuum capping machine.

is to pump air out of bags or bottles through mechanical equipment. Generally, bags are called vacuum packaging machines, and bottles are vacuum capping machines.

Hello, you can choose the 400 type. Its price is about 5000 yuan and its packaging capacity is 130-160 times /hour. It is equipped with a sterilization pot. After vacuum packaging of cooked food, sterilization can be carried out. Such a product can be guaranteed for one year. A vertical sterilization pot costs only 4500 yuan, left and right. It is very cheap

vacuumizing is very simple, that is, the vacuum in the package is pumped out through the equipment, and then the items can be stored for a long time. Many companies have it, such as ruiba machinery, dreth, etc


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