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What are the advantages of bag packing machine?

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first, the bag feeding packaging machine adopts PLC + man-machine interface control system. In terms of operation, the performance is stable and reliable, and the service life has also increased significantly

II. The bag feeding packaging machine replaces manual packaging, realizes automatic packaging for large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, and improves the overall packaging efficiency

III. The operation of the bag feeding packaging machine is simple and convenient. The operator only needs to put a certain number of bags at the bag taking place of the equipment. The bag feeding vacuum packaging machine equipment can automatically take the bag, print the date, open the bag, measure the signal to the measuring device, blanking, sealing and output


IV. the bag feeding packaging machine has low packaging material loss. The machine uses prefabricated packaging bags with exquisite patterns and good sealing quality, so as to improve the product grade. The bag feeding vacuum packaging machine has automatic detection function. If the bag is not opened or the bag is not completely opened, there is no feeding and heat sealing. The bag can be reused without wasting materials and saving production costs for users

v. the bag packing machine has a wide range of packaging. By selecting different meters (scraper metering, screw metering, multi head computer combined scale), it can be suitable for the packaging of liquid, sauce, particles, powder, irregular blocks and other materials

product features of bag feeding packaging machine:
easy to operate: PLC control, man-machine interface
variable frequency speed regulation: use the variable frequency adjustment device to adjust the speed freely within the specified range
convenient adjustment of bag width: controlled by motor, each group of machine clips can be adjusted synchronously through one button
it is equipped with a mixing device to prevent the precipitation of granular materials
it is equipped with liquid control device, which sends material replenishment signal below a certain material level
no bag or incomplete bag opening, no feeding
no bag or feeding, no sealing
door opening and shutdown alarm (optional)
no ribbon shutdown alarm
if the air pressure is insufficient, an alarm will be given
if the sealing temperature is abnormal, an alarm will be given
the part in contact with materials adopts 304 stainless steel or food grade plastic, which meets the hygienic requirements

the bag feeding automatic packaging machine adopts an advanced (touch screen) electrical control system, with friendly man-machine interface and convenient operation. It is equipped with a detection device, which can detect that the filling device does not fill and the heat sealing device does not seal when there is no package or the packaging bag is not opened, so as to avoid wasting packaging materials and raw materials. The equipment uses frequency conversion speed regulation device, which can be adjusted freely within a certain range according to the actual needs in production, and the packing bag specification can be changed quickly
the bag feeding packaging machine replaces manual packaging and realizes packaging automation for large-scale enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. As long as the operators put the prepared bags one by one and put hundreds of bags in the bag taking department of the equipment at one time, the equipment mechanical grasp will automatically take the bags, print the date, open the bags, measure the signals to the metering device, blanking, sealing and output. Customers can also add detailed functions such as door opening emergency stop, automatic card dropping and abnormal discharge according to the product packaging requirements. There is no need for manual operation in the whole process of packaging, which effectively improves the production efficiency of your company, saves labor costs and management costs, and greatly reduces the cost
the bag feeding packaging machine has an extremely wide range of applications. It can be used for paper plastic composite, plastic plastic composite, aluminum plastic composite, PE composite, etc. the loss of packaging materials is low. It uses prefabricated packaging bags. The packaging bag pattern is perfect and the sealing quality is good, so as to improve the product grade; It can also be used for multiple purposes. It only needs different metering devices according to different materials, and can realize the full-automatic packaging of particles, powder, blocks, liquids, soft cans, toys, hardware and other products.

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