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What are the functions and types of commodity packaging?

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from the day when the product is available, there is packaging. Packaging has become an integral part of modern commodity production and a powerful weapon for businesses to compete. Manufacturers have been trying their best to attract consumers with “new packaging and new listing” in order to change the image of their products in the hearts of consumers and enhance their own image. Just as the record companies have created and packaged new products for singers to change their image in the hearts of fans, nowadays, packaging has been integrated into the development, design and production of various commodities. Almost all products need to be packaged to become commodities into the process& nbsp; The understanding and definition of packaging are different in different periods and countries. In the past, many people believed that the purpose of packing and packaging was to pack goods and materials, which was also the purpose of packaging and circulation. Since the 1960s, with the popularization and development of various optional supermarkets and stores, packaging has changed from the original protection of the safe circulation of products to the role of salesperson. People have also given new connotation and mission to packaging. The importance of packaging has been deeply recognized by people

according to the definition of general terms of packaging in the national standard, commodity packaging refers to the general name of containers, materials and auxiliary materials adopted according to certain technical methods to protect commodities, facilitate transportation and promote sales in the process of circulation. It also refers to the operation activities of applying certain technical methods in the process of using container materials and auxiliary materials for the above purpose. Commodity packaging includes two meanings: on the one hand, it refers to the container containing goods, which is usually called packaging, such as box, bag, basket, barrel, bottle, etc; On the other hand, it refers to the process of binding goods, such as packing, packing, etc. The basic functions of commodity packaging are to protect commodities, facilitate circulation, facilitate consumption, promote sales, improve commodity value and promote the realization of use value. Commodity packaging has two characteristics: subordination and commodity. Packaging is the accessory of its contents; Commodity packaging is a special commodity attached to the inner commodity, which has value and use value; At the same time, it is also an important means to realize the value and use value of interior goods. Four elements: 1. Packaging materials: packaging materials are the material basis of packaging and the material undertaker of packaging function. 2. Packaging technology: packaging technology is the key to realize the function of packaging protection and ensure the quality of inner goods. 3. Packaging structure modeling: packaging structure modeling is the specific form of packaging materials and packaging technology

4. Surface decoration: surface decoration is the main means to beautify, publicize and introduce commodities through pictures and words


there are many kinds of commodity packaging. The classification and types of common commodity packaging are as follows

classified according to business habits: 1. Domestic packaging: it is the packaging used to adapt to the goods sold in China. It has the characteristics of simplicity, economy and practicality. 2. Export packaging: it is the packaging used for international long-distance transportation of goods in order to adapt to the sales of goods abroad. It has higher requirements on protection, decoration, competitiveness and adaptability. 3. Special packaging: it is used for handicrafts, fine arts, cultural relics, precision and valuable instruments, military supplies, etc., and the general cost is high

adapt to the needs of various circulation conditions. To ensure the safety of goods in the circulation process, the commodity packaging should have a certain strength, solid, firm and durable. For different modes and means of transportation, corresponding packaging containers and technical treatment shall also be used selectively. In short, the whole package should adapt to the storage and transportation conditions and strength requirements in the field of circulation

it should adapt to the characteristics of the commodity. The commodity packaging must adopt corresponding materials and technologies according to the characteristics of the commodity, so that the packaging can fully meet the requirements of the physical and chemical properties of the commodity

to meet the requirements of standardization, commodity packaging must be standardized, that is, the packaging capacity (weight), packaging materials, structural modeling, specifications and dimensions, printing marks, terminology, packaging methods, etc. of commodity packaging must be uniformly specified, and gradually form serialization and generalization, so as to be conducive to the production of packaging containers, improve packaging production efficiency and simplify the specifications of packaging containers, It saves raw materials, reduces costs, is easy to identify and measure, and is conducive to ensuring packaging quality and commodity safety

the packaging should be “appropriate and moderate”. For sales packaging, the size of packaging container should be appropriate to the inner goods, and the packaging cost should be consistent with the inner goods. Too much reserved space and too high proportion of packaging cost in the total value of goods will damage the interests of consumers and mislead consumers into “excessive packaging”

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