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What are the new environmental protection policies for the packaging and printing industry in 2017

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What are the new environmental protection policies for the packaging and printing industry in 2017
Datang printing answers for you:
1. Take the initiative to declare

first, the enterprise should take the initiative to go to the environmental protection bureau to register the pollutant discharge declaration at the end of each year and fill in the quarterly declaration form
the waste water form shall provide a copy of the water bill, the waste gas form shall provide the monitoring report of benzene, xylene and other waste gas, the noise form shall provide the noise monitoring report at the plant boundary, and the solid waste form shall provide the transfer slip containing the generation and transfer of solid waste
2. Classified management
the Environmental Protection Bureau reminds printing enterprises that on the one hand, they should standardize the plant space for fixed storage of chemical raw materials and do a good job in safety management; On the other hand, efforts should be made to treat solid waste differently. Solid waste is divided into general solid waste and hazardous waste. The waste organic solvent produced by rubber printing and cleaning printing tools with organic solvent is hazardous waste (hw42), which should be recycled by a qualified environmental protection company, sign a recycling contract with the environmental protection company, handle the solid waste transfer slip, register the transfer time and amount, and renew the contract in time when it expires
if the printing waste gas is treated by activated carbon adsorption method, the replaced activated carbon shall be handed over to the original manufacturer for recycling and recycling, so as to achieve the objectives and requirements of waste reduction and recycling. For general solid waste, it shall be cleared and transported to the waste acquisition station in time, and the quality of each clearing and transportation shall be recorded to provide data records for filling in the declaration form
3. Reasonably set up signboards
printing enterprises should set up signboards for wastewater discharge outlet, discharge outlet after waste gas collection and treatment and noise operation discharge area in strict accordance with national standards; Do a good job in setting the signs of chemicals for printing; Make marks and identifications for chemical storage workshops, and make marks and identifications in prominent places of each workshop and operation room; At the same time, strengthen the maintenance and management of signs
4. Select the environmentally friendly printing method
the printing industry can be divided into flat printing, gravure printing, relief printing, hole printing and flexographic printing according to the production process. Among them, flexographic printing is the most environmentally friendly, while gravure printing has large exhaust emissions and many VOCs components. Therefore, enterprises should choose appropriate printing methods in combination with their own reality and environmental protection requirements in order to achieve a win-win situation of social and economic benefits
5. Select the waste gas treatment method
the printing industry generally produces organic waste gas, and the chemical components are generally benzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, solvent oil, etc. There are many kinds of treatment methods with different characteristics. The commonly used methods are water spray method, adsorption method, condensation method, absorption method, combustion method, catalysis method, etc. In the treatment project, exhaust fans are mostly used to collect waste gas, which is uniformly discharged after activated carbon adsorption treatment, or water injection spray method, or a combination of various methods, so as to improve the treatment effect. When choosing the governance mode, printing enterprises should find the balance point between governance effect and economic benefit and choose the most appropriate mode
6. Archive environmental protection data from one source and one file
the enterprise shall set up a special environmental protection data archive box to store all relevant data for inspection by the competent environmental protection department.

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