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What are the printing methods of packaging and printing? Any difference?

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  In life, the leaflets, books and magazines we see are printed. However, there are a lot of printing in packaging. Such as the patterns and words on food bags and the words on packaging cartons are inseparable from our printing. What are our common printing methods

  First of all, gravure printing, gravure printing is the printing that presses the layout directly on the substrate. In this way, the saturation of printed articles is relatively high and there is no need for many rollers. However, there are several kinds of gravure printing plates, one is manual engraving gravure, the other is corrosion gravure, and the other is laser engraving corrosion plate. Among them, the element of gravure printing is the original. The relative requirements are also relatively high, which must be continuous tones. Nowadays, it is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, food packaging bags and so on. Its substrate has a wide range, which can be high-grade tin foil packaging paper and so on

  Secondly, the more common lithography. This is an indirect printing method. First, the ink on the printing plate is transferred to the blanket, and then transferred from the blanket to the substrate. Here, the printing machine needs water supply and ink supply devices. Due to the certain characteristics of the ink, when printing, it is necessary to protect the non graphic part first. The ink is printed on the graphic part and transferred to the blanket, and then the graphic part is transferred to the substrate through the pressure between the blanket and the drum. The plate material of lithography printing is mainly zinc plate or aluminum plate. Plate making is relatively simple and the cost is relatively low. It is mainly used in the printing of books, magazines, leaflets, newspapers and so on


  Relief printing is obviously the opposite of intaglio printing. This is also the oldest printing method in China. It also has high color saturation, but the plate making work is cumbersome and the cost is relatively large. It is mainly used for printing exquisite books and periodicals

  Screen printing, also known as hole printing. Mainly when printing, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the eyelet by pressure. Its printing range is very wide, mainly used in paper printing, trademark printing, packaging printing, building materials printing, ceramics and so on

  The four major printing methods mentioned above are relief printing, lithographic printing, gravure printing and screen printing

1. As the largest printing method in the printing industry, screen printing is naturally essential in the field of color printing and packaging. The more common color printed packages made by screen printing include boxes, cans, glass, T-Shirts, circuit boards and other products. Screen printing has considerable advantages because of its strong printing ink, especially in printing color printing packaging with special effects
2. Intaglio printing occupies the least proportion in the field of color printing and packaging, but compared with other printing methods, the printing is more exquisite and realistic. Intaglio printing is generally suitable for printing high-quality color printing packaging products, and its printing fineness is just like photography. Due to the high cost of plate making, the printing volume must be large, so the proportion in the field of color printing and packaging is the least
3. Movable type printing, which Chinese people have always been proud of, also accounts for some proportion. It is generally used in color printed packaging with more words and less pictures. IMG
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