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What are the problems of logistics packaging in China?

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problems existing in express packaging in China at present

(I) excessive packaging and material abuse

at present, the sellers who use express packaging most frequently are Taobao online, and each thing needs to be packaged in cartons or bags. Some fragile items also need to be repeatedly wrapped with foam, which wastes resources. Due to the unpredictability of transportation environment and the quality of loading and unloading personnel, the seller uses a large number of additional auxiliary packaging in order to ensure the integrity of goods, resulting in the problem of excessive packaging. This behavior not only increases the sales cost of the seller, but also the buyer has to spend more money in order to increase the sales volume, obtain high praise and add additional packaging on the product. Finally, the consumer pays the bill. More importantly, this behavior produces a lot of garbage and becomes a source of pollution. The laws and regulations related to the use materials and treatment methods of express packaging are not perfect. These excessive packaging consume a lot of natural resources and cause serious pollution to the ecological environment. And more materials are used, which can not be degraded, even after 100 years


(II) the recovery rate of express packaging is low

at present, China’s logistics industry is in the stage of rapid development. The industry focuses on scale and infrastructure, excessively pursuing the development speed and ignoring the environmental problems. It also ignores the recyclable use of express packaging, resulting in low recycling rate of express packaging. In modern society, the diversification of express packaging materials is mainly carton, foam, plastic bags and so on. These are not easy to handle materials. Excessive use will lead to environmental pollution and waste of resources. After these materials are produced, they cannot be recycled in reverse, that is, these materials will only flow in one direction and cannot realize reverse flow, which makes the packaging unable to be recycled

(III) the awareness of saving is not strong

after using the packaging, people often throw it into the dustbin without classification. Among these packaging materials, plastic bags are generally thrown away directly or used as garbage bags. Only a few places sell cartons and cartons as waste products to the recycling bin for reprocessing and utilization, but only half of the waste paper in China is recycled. There is still a gap with the recovery rate of waste paper abroad. Although some e-commerce companies are trying express packaging recycling business, the response is flat and consumer participation is not high. Many companies believe that recycling express packaging will increase human, material and financial investment, so packaging recycling is generally not carried out. In life, people are not aware of the use of green packaging and think that secondary packaging is bad, or some consumers think that packaging recycling will leak their personal information and may cause trouble, so they will refuse to let the courier recycle the packaging. Therefore, the recycling of express packaging has not received due attention in China

— for more logistics industry related planning and information, please refer to forward looking Logistics Industry Research Institute

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