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What does a color printing packaging printer do

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the printer is a technology that transfers the ink to the surface of paper, fabric, leather and other materials to copy the contents of the original in batches through the processes of plate making, inking and pressurization. Different companies have different work arrangements
I. The main work contents of the color printing and packaging printer are as follows:
1. Working under the leadership of the team leader of the bag making workshop, they should be familiar with the job and equipment performance, and have relevant printing technology and ink use experience
2. Use and maintain printing machinery
3. Keep volatile and flammable materials such as solvents and inks for printing
4. Receive the operation data on the system management computer every day to eliminate losses caused by system management loopholes
5. Complete other temporary work assigned by leaders
2. The job requirements of color printing packaging printer are as follows:
1. Those with 5 years or more printing experience are preferred
2. Education level above senior high school and technical secondary school
3. Be able to complete drying, printing and other work independently
4. Have a sense of responsibility and obey management
5. Have good cooperation ability.

responsible for printing books, as long as it is color paper, it can be printed!!!

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