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What does the ratio of package to weight mean?

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it’s better to eat packaged milk. It feels good to squeeze now. When the milk is boiled, the bacteria are killed, and the milk has no nutrition. I think it’s better to drink packaged milk. There are three main purposes for milk sterilization: first, to kill pathogenic microorganisms, such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Escherichia coli; Second, ensure product quality and kill enzymes metabolized by microorganisms; The third is to retain the nutrition of raw milk to the greatest extent. If the sterilization temperature is too high, it will not only kill harmful bacteria in milk, but also inactivate active nutrients in milk, including protein, amino acids and enzymes, and destroy vitamins and some trace elements. Packaged milk has undergone scientific sterilization methods. While killing harmful bacteria, it can maximize the activity of active substances (such as protein and enzyme) in milk, ensure the fresh quality and pure taste of milk, and will not damage the nutrition of milk. However, if you cook at high temperature before drinking, the nutrients of the milk itself will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the scientific method of milk drinking should be moderate heating, and the time should not be too long.

for example, if the package weight is 1kg and the article weight is 50kg, the ratio of package to article weight is 1:50.

refers to the ratio between the packaging material and the actual weight of the article. For example, if the external packaging material of an article is 10kg and the weight of the article itself is 100kg, then this ratio is 1:10.

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