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What equipment does the carton factory need?

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I think I can answer your question
I’m a carton machine! We have been a carton factory for more than a year when we bought carton machinery
the machinery needed to start a basic carton factory is as follows:
printing slotting machine: whether semi-automatic, manual or full-automatic printing machine
of course, manual is the cheapest
in terms of two colors,
manual should be less than 50000 yuan,
automatic should be about 100000 yuan, The price of full-automatic is not what a new factory without background can demand
forming equipment: box nailing machine and box gluing machine
are also divided into full-automatic and semi-automatic
in terms of price
the nailing machine is relatively cheap. The 1200 model is about 4000-5000 yuan, which is priced according to the production cost of different
manufacturers. However, the speed is not as fast as the box gluing machine. The box gluing machine is more expensive, which is several times the price of the box nailing machine
and is generally used for more exquisite packaging
there are other equipment: such as die-cutting machine, which can produce special-shaped cartons or small cartons with high processing accuracy
the laminating machine covers the corrugated paper with a layer of color surface. Most small carton factories buy color surface processing in color printing factories

apply a layer of transparent plastic film on the carton laminating machine
paper separator and thin knife machine: cut the incoming paperboard into the required paperboard size
glue machine, manual version of covering machine
paper feeder, printing press front desk paper feeding, which is equivalent to full-automatic paper feeding, which is faster than manual feeding
other equipment will not be introduced one by one. I hope I can help you
according to our experience,
if you are not 100% confident in business, please get some business first and then decide to start the factory
there is a certain amount of working capital, because not every manufacturer receives payment very quickly
there are workplaces for stacking raw materials, finished products and production land
there are printing technicians. Good technicians can greatly improve work efficiency, plate pasting speed and paper feeding speed, as well as the most important printing quality (of course, when the machinery is OK)
carton factory cultivation:
in the early stage of the opening of carton factory, it is to find customers based on price, slowly cultivate customers, and stabilize customers with good service attitude and stable quality. After the technology and business are stable, customers can be screened. For customers with large supply, single variety and timely payment collection, customers with untimely payment collection, small amount and complex style can be gradually ranked backward or even abandoned
free training for technicians. Tianyu printing machinery. The contact information is on the top left.

1. There are large and small carton factories. Take large carton factory equipment for example:

large carton equipment, a corrugated board production line will cost tens of millions, plus some miscellaneous things, about tens of millions. A medium-sized carton factory needs about four sets of production equipment

there are also some senior operating technicians, and some small carton factories can produce cartons with only one carton nailing machine, so it is not easy to run carton factories


2. If you make ordinary cartons, you need some equipment. A corrugated board production printing machine and a nail box machine are all right

carton packaging equipment refers to carton forming machine and unpacking machine, which automatically completes unpacking, forming and folding of lower bottom leaves

and now complete the pasting of the lower part of the tape, open the box board folded into cardboard, fold the bottom of the box according to certain procedures, seal it with tape and send it to the special equipment of the packing machine

automatic carton forming machine and automatic unpacking machine are assembly line equipment for automatic unpacking of large quantities of cartons, automatic folding of lower cover and automatic sealing of lower bottom tape. All the machines are controlled by PLC + display screen, which is greatly convenient for operation. They are essential equipment for automatic large-scale production

the most basic equipment of the three-level factory:
1) printing slotting machine, 1
2) tiger mouth die-cutting machine, 1
3) paper separating and pressing machine (not thin knife) or thin knife paper separating and pressing machine, 1
4) manual box nailing machine, 2 or semi-automatic box nailing machines, 1
5) manual binding machine, 1 (preferably from Taiwan)
6) quadruple slotting machine, 1

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