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What is a new starch based biodegradable packaging material?

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the starch content of the new starch based biodegradable packaging material of Heilongjiang Zhonghao starch based biodegradable material Co., Ltd. can reach 80%. The product is made of high molecular starch extracted from corn and potato as the base material, supplemented by bio polyester, cellulose, polyol and other substances through biological additives fermented by microorganisms, which can be completely and Rapid degradation, non-toxic, pollution-free and odorless. After degradation, it will not damage the soil structure. It can truly “come from nature and return to nature”. It is the preferred substitute for plastic and paper packaging.

the starch based biodegradable new packaging is a film flexible packaging material, and its components and weight percentage content include: starch 50 ~ 80%, plasticizer 10 ~ 20% and filler 10 ~ 30%. The corn starch based biodegradable disposable flexible packaging film material of the invention has light white and transparent appearance, smooth surface, non-toxic, harmless and odorless, has sufficient mechanical strength and temperature resistance, the film quality meets the requirements of QB /t2461-1999, can degrade under natural conditions, has fast biodegradation speed, and starts biodegradation after being buried in the soil at room temperature for 20 days, It can be completely degraded within 3 ~ 4 months. It is an ideal material to prevent “white pollution”.

whole starch: thermoplastic starch, natural starch and amylose are all starch plastics extruded or injected under high temperature, high pressure and high humidity Completely degradable
a kind of fully degradable plastics between all starch thermoplastics and filled starch plastics. Its starch content is between 30% – 60%, and other components are generally natural products such as cellulose, chitin, pectin and galactose
more than 50% starch (continuous phase) and hydrophilic polymer active blend (alloy).

the question is confusing. Pay attention to where to disconnect. If you don’t learn Chinese well, you’d better ask questions after learning.


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