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What is the business scope of rubber and plastic products

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What is the business scope of rubber and plastic products

II. Business scope and sales type of electronic products company: chemical products (except dangerous goods), grain and oil products, lubricating oil (retail)

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 business scope of plastic industry: 

 1. Synthetic resin: 

 synthetic resin refers to the high molecular compound synthesized by chemical and physical methods with coal, calcium carbide, oil, natural gas and some agricultural and sideline products as the main raw materials. The properties of these compounds are similar to natural resin, but their properties are better than natural resin. Such as synthetic resin dentures

 the content of synthetic resin accounts for 40% ~ l00% of all components of plastics and plays a role in bonding. It determines the main properties of plastics, such as mechanical strength, hardness, aging resistance, elasticity, chemical stability, photoelectric property, etc

 2. Plastic additives: 

 plastic additives the purpose of adding additives to plastics is mainly to improve processing performance, improve use efficiency and reduce cost. Additives account for a small proportion in plastic materials, but they have a great impact on the quality of plastic products. For different kinds of plastics, the types and dosage of additives are also different due to different molding processing methods and use conditions. The main additives are as follows: 

 (1) plasticizer: 

 plasticizer can increase the flexibility, extensibility and plasticity of plastics, reduce the flow temperature and hardness of plastics, and is conducive to the molding of plastic products. Commonly used are benzoic acid esters, decanoates, chlorinated paraffin and camphor. Our most common is camphor

 (2) stabilizer: 

 it is mainly used to prevent thermal aging, which is called heat stabilizer; It is mainly used to prevent oxidative aging, which is called antioxidant; Mainly used to prevent light aging, they are called light stabilizers, which are collectively referred to as stabilizers. Nowadays, the best plastic stabilizer is methyl tin heat stabilizer (181), which is very effective for calendering, extrusion, injection molding and blow molding of rigid polyethylene (PVC)

 because of its high safety, it is especially used in food packaging and high-definition rigid polyethylene products. At the same time, it is also widely used in plastic doors and windows, water supply pipes and decorative materials to replace other highly toxic plastic heat stabilizers. It has been widely used in the United States, Europe and Japan. In recent years, 181 methyl tin heat stabilizer has been widely used in China

 (3) flame retardant: 

 additives that can improve the flame resistance of plastics are called flame retardants. Most plastics containing flame retardants have self extinguishing properties or slow combustion rate. Commonly used flame retardants include antimony oxide, aluminum and boron compounds, halides and phosphate esters, Tetrachlorobenzene phthalic anhydride, Tetrachlorobenzene phthalic anhydride, etc

 (4) antistatic agent: 

 antistatic agent can eliminate or reduce the static electricity generated on the surface of plastic products. Most antistatic agents are electrolytes, and their compatibility with synthetic resin is limited. In this way, they can migrate to the plastic surface to absorb moisture and eliminate static electricity

 (5) foaming agent: 

 plastic foaming agent is a kind of low molecular organic matter that can be gasified at a certain temperature, such as dichlorodifluoromethane; Or organic compounds that decompose into gases when heated. These gases remain in the plastic matrix and form many foamed plastics with many tiny foams. Azo compounds and nitroso compounds are commonly used

 (6) colorant: 

 colorants for plastics 


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