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What is the future of the printing industry?

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: if you choose to work in a printing factory, you must understand the detailed process of the whole printing. Let me briefly introduce it. Plate making (computer design, typesetting, film production, PS plate drying or CTP plate production) – printing (color, black and white printing) – binding (horse riding, sewing, or special process)
printing is an industry that needs time and experience. At the beginning, you will feel very tired and don’t understand anything. You can’t understand printing terms and lists, but after a long time and hard study, you will naturally understand them
printing is a highly profitable industry. If you want to set up a printing factory, the premise is that you should understand the printing process, printing management, cost accounting, etc., and ensure that there are a number of teams with good and stable technology and a large number of funds. Now the materials are basically cash and cash
in the printing industry, prepress is relatively easy and clean. During internship, it’s about 1000, but it’s a little low, because you don’t understand some things and have to learn everything. When you can work independently, it depends on your performance Opening a printing factory requires a lot of money, and the approval is troublesome The printing industry is a little hard to do, but the prospect and income are good I used to design the cover of a book in a printing factory in Shanghai. According to my observation, the salary of our printer director is second only to that of our factory director, and the salary is 5 digits!!!! But the precondition is that you must be familiar with the printing process!!!! The key is whether you like this industry or not. Your work should be happy. It depends on your interest in the printing industry.

after learning the printing collar machine, you can only work as a collar assistant in the printing factory. The salary is 2000 in January. If it is fast, it may be raised to collar machine in one year. The salary is now 4000. The collar position has been opened for 2 years, and you can solve most of the problems of the machine by yourself. At this time, your salary may have risen to 5000-6000 and work for another 2 years, You are already familiar with the operation of various brands of printing presses! The 4-color offset press includes all other processes and processes in the printing factory. You are familiar with it! There are no problems that can embarrass you in the printing field. At this time, if you have 2 million yuan, you can consider opening your own printing factory. If you continue to work, two years later, you may enter the packaging industry and come into contact with the top printing machines. In addition to the common offset printing machines, you also come into contact with flexo printing, screen printing, gravure printing and the whole printing and packaging industry, There’s almost nothing you don’t know. In the city where you live, almost everyone in the printing industry knows your name. At this time, your salary should rise to 10000, and the boss has equipped you with a good car! In another five years, you have entered the printing association and studied the development history of printing one after another. One day, you may be inspired to improve the principle of printing machinery, improve the efficiency of modern printing machines by 30%, and improve your position step by step. Slowly become the president of the Printing Association and start publishing books. What you care about is not your monthly income, but your contribution to printing science! Know that after retirement, you have more than 20 books and become a leader in the printing industry! Both wealth and reputation. After you go to the earth, your name has been handed down in history! Your descendants are proud of you!

the prospect of the industry is still good. In recent years, there are fewer and fewer people in the advertising and printing industry, and it is difficult for enterprises to recruit people. I think the prospect is still good.

printing is always needed, but it’s just a matter of how much
this is a cultural issue. It is impossible for people not to touch print at all, but to advocate energy conservation and emission reduction.


many of us do printing and know many colleagues all over the country. In a word, sunset industry, recession, low cost, be careful

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