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What is the importance of product packaging design

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Product packaging is not only to improve the appearance of the product, but also to attract the attention of consumers. The packaging design agency said that the product design is also to lay the foundation for sales promotion and attract customers’ vision through the advertising communication effect of the brand on the packaging, so as to improve the sales of the product in the market and help the product obtain market recognition

packaging design institutions say that packaging design is not only to attract consumers, but also to enhance the popularity of the whole brand in the market while attracting public attention. Invisible packaging is also an invisible appeal, which adds points to the corporate image, so that creative packaging design can indirectly promote the reputation of corporate products and achieve word-of-mouth effect, so as to enhance the popularity of the enterprise

creative packaging not only improves the value of products, but also protects the safety of products and ensures the safety of goods and consumers. The packaging design organization said that in the commodity packaging design, the design should be considered according to the attributes of the commodity, and the packaging design of the product should be considered through the storage, transportation and carrying of the product, so as to achieve safety protection, so as to ensure that the product can withstand the performance of compression, earthquake, pultrusion or abrasion, and improve the safety of the product.

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