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What is the market prospect of manual gift box packaging????

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the prospect is good and the market is promising. According to the analysis report on market demand and investment planning of China’s gift packaging industry from 2016 to 2021, gift packaging is generally used for the protection and decoration of gifts, and with the development of China’s gift customization industry. Gift packaging no longer pays attention to a single luxury, which can be accepted by customers. Personalized and creative gift customized packaging is more likely to meet customers’ love in the market
although gift packaging is different from general commodity packaging, it should also follow the principle of “tailoring” and design packaging with appropriate materials, scientific structure, beautiful and novel, economical and practical according to the product grade. The so-called “quantity body” is to clarify the attribute, grade, consumption object and sales area of goods; The so-called “tailoring” is to determine the design pattern and design scheme
China’s gift packaging market as a whole lacks innovative spirit, and the whole gift packaging enterprises do not put energy conservation and environmental protection in a sufficient position. These two points are exactly the top priority of the future gift packaging market, which should attract extensive attention.

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